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It’s also about Fnaf Freddy, but not an addon. It’s a horror map for those who want to play the Fnaf Freddy horror game in Minecraft. Introduce FNAF 2020 Edition to you!

Cre: Booshican


This is the main stage where the animatronics will spawn ( Night: 1 and 2 will only spawn Bonnie and Chica) 

When you use camera animatronics will try to attack you, so if you see them all go to the camera, that you’re looking at that is why

For whose who have visual problems there is a power switch in the back room that turns on the lights.

This is an office, with 2 working doors and a camera system.

The animatronics will come at either door, so unlike the actual game there is no way to determine who is coming. 

Although not very long, this is one of the hallways where you can peak your head out if you need to. Note: I don’t recommend going any further than the supply closet. 

Warning: on night 2 night and after left hall will most likely have Foxy in it and going there will most likely result in death. 

This is Pirates Cove where Foxy will spawn in after night 1. 

He will most likely go to the hallway after spawning in, just remember to shut the doors and it’s all good. 

These are the bathrooms with a secret room at the end, Perhaps someone will be there on night 6. 

The area behind that door is the power switch that will turn the lights  in this place on.

Turning this on maybe found to be a slight bit difficult as the animatronics will be hot on your tail

The game also has a feature that allows you to explore the map without animatronics, just make sure you do “/kill” or “/time set night” and the “/time set day” or else you’ll be there for a while.

I’m planning on updating the map and here are my goals with the updates:

  • Players being able to be animatronics
  • A power system that will cause all lights and doors to be disabled

Things that were used in the creation of this map:

  • Fnaf Eternal Package: AdamTaylor08
  • Several summon, fill, and teleport commands
  • Fnaf Texture Pack: DanyFox

Download FNAF 2020 Edition

If you want to play more maps in Minecraft PE, you can download below and enjoy:

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