Skyfactory V3 Map for MCPE

If you have ever used skyfactory for java, then Skyfactory V3 is no stranger to you but for bedrock. The whole process on this map is just you start on a floating island with only one tree with the things that addons, advanced machinery, baubles, and loot bags and end up making a factory and beating the ender dragon.

Cre: Vatonage, Twitter, Youtube

Mods in Skyfactory V3 Map

  • Advanced Machinery
  • Baubles
  • Loot Bags
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Custom Enchants
  • Tinker’s Awakening
  • Weapon Cases
  • Item Exchange
  • More TNT
  • Ore Trees
  • Survival Guns

Once you have added the map to the game you will start playing with a quest book that includes 30 quests. This map works well in multiplayer so if you can, invite as many friends as possible


Skyfactory V3

or here

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