Family Life 3.0.1 – Personalities and new Skins

Have a family in Minecraft with the help of Family Life that adds many interactions and replaces the world’s villagers with NPCs. The addon will be remade to provide for much more functionality, interactions, addon compatibility, multiplayer, and an enhanced, more user-friendly UI.

Creator: pedro_denovoZ (Youtube, Twitter)

Family Life


New Year Minecraft Skin

To start an interaction with an NPC click on the “interact” button or the right mouse button.

Family Life

Simply press or click the button to engage with the new interaction screen; it is highly intuitive and simple to use.

Family Life


As you engage with the NPC, your stats rise, and the interaction’s outcome may vary based on your level of intimacy with him.


By conversing, the friendship status rises; at this high level, trades are eligible for discounts, and obtaining higher statuses is simpler.


The friendship status increases by talking, with this high status it is possible to have a discount on exchanges, it is easier to get other statuses.

New Year Minecraft Skin


Personalities are traits that NPCs are born with. They directly affect interactions with the npc, giving each one more originality.

For example, an npc with the “romantic” personality has an easier time raising romantic status.

About the addon

Enable all experimental options for the add-on for it to function properly.

Family Life

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check in

  • Added a personality system
  • Addon script optimization
  • New 30 skins added
  • Added 5000+ name variations for npcs
  • New ring added – no function


  • Available translations [PT-BR, ENGLISH, SPANISH]
  • Compatible with official version 1.19.44 and higher
mcpeaddons download

Download Family Life

Download Family Life (Behvior pack)

Download Family Life (Resouce pack)

New Year Minecraft Skin

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