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Equinor Building is a Norwegian oil company owned by the Norwegian government. This building is one of Equinor’s offices. Though it’s not their main headquarters, which is located in Stavanger. It locates in Fornebu, Bærum country (in Norway)

Cre: RevenJoakim


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This building on Fornebu design by A-Lab architects, a Norwegian architecture firm. The building builds 5 main segments stacked upon each other. In the middle, it forms the atrium/lobby with a smooth bending glass roof.

It includes many cool things such as:

  • The road in front of the entrance
  • The entrance to the subway system
  • Outdoor cafeteria area
  • Public art sculpture
  • Outdoor plaza.

Some screenshots from Mcpeaddons.com

This is the view from the ground

The main lobby built within the building, there you can also find the cafeteria seating and the modern design of the interior. Examples of these are the funky purple coaches.


In the center of Equinor building is the main elevators and staircase to get up the different levels.

Aerial view

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The view from the side

The Equinor ASA sign


Equinor Building

Download Map (Drive)

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