Furniture: Rage Decor Add-on/Block Model, 100+ Furniture, and More!

Get 56 furniture items in Rage Decor Add-on!! There have many choices to make your Minecraft world become more modern and charm. You can get a bunch of fairy light with different colors, even you can craft to your heart’s desire to obtain the furniture items

Cre: Rageless3412, Youtube

Rage Decor Add-on

Fairy Light

TV station

Minecraft Furniture Mod


Bathtub and Toilet

Fridge and Stove

Chair and Table



How does it work?

Creative mode: All the furniture is displayed in the creative menu, you can search “rage decor” to see all items

Survival mode: have 2 ways to obtain furniture:

  • Buying them from Laptop: it has been transformed into a recipe book, browse threw the tabs to select the crafting recipe you want.
  • Crafting in crafting bench

Craft Furniture

  • Craft the blueprint of the furniture item you like in crafting table (you need a workstation to convert it into furniture)
  • Check the recipe book (on top side next to the close maker in the crafting menu)
  • To craft the new fairy lights, you need to upgrade the workbench with an upgrade token.


– Added:
+ Fairy lights
+ New tools: Rotate object and TV remote
mcpeaddons download

For those who want your Minecraft game more exciting, I will show you more addons below:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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