Raiyon’s Java Combat Addon Support v1.19 (Update!)

What do you think about getting the Minecraft Bedrock experience as same as Java? Well, let’s visit Mc Addons and download this Java Combat Addon to see how it changes your game.

Cre: Lord Raiyon, Youtube

Java Combat Addon 1.19

This Minecraft bedrock sweeping edge enchantment addon added a combat system that looks quite similar to the Java version. So if you are looking to play it in Bedrock, don’t miss this addon!

To tell more about Java combat, it’s based on the cooldown which is a certain time with a weapon or tool, you can do the max damage with it and besides that, you can be visually seen as a loading bar below the cursor.

Cooldown List Java Combat

  • Swords: 0.60
  • Tridente: 0.90
  • Any item other than a weapon/tool: 0.25
  • Hoes: 0.25
  • Wooden Axe: 1.25
  • Stone Axe: 1.25
  • Iron Axe: 1.10
  • Golden Axe: 1.0
  • Diamond Axe: 1.0
  • Netherite Axe: 1.0

Sweeping attack

Start attacking with a charged sword and make an attack that will damage all the mods near you only if it’s not a critical hit.

Using this attack for farms will help you get drop items and XP when dying from the mobs.

Sweeping Edge Enchantment

Java Combat Addon

Enchanting a sword with this enchantment increases the range and damage of the sweeping attack.

The only way to get this enchantment is by trading with villagers for Minecraft bedrock limitations

This enchantment is compatible with other enchantments

Axes Damage

Java Combat Addon modified the normal damage of the axes to be like Java

Critical Hit sound

Critical hit sounds have sounded like Java and appear as heart particles 

Shield and shield blocking

The shield will not push and you can block for 5 seconds attacking the player with the active shield (in the case of attacking with an axe). The shield has a cooldown: of 0.25

Knockback Sprint

Mechanic similar to java, when you sprint and you have at least the cooldown bar at 80% you will give more knockback than normal. It works on players with an axe or sword (useful to make combos).

Shield Animation

Java Combat Addon added an animation like Java shield.

Java Combat Addon

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Attack Speed

It is quite similar to Java attack speed, now added damage percentages since before only the damage was subtracted (work with strength or sharpness).

Java Combat Addon

Bow Ding

This is a Minecraft Java Mechanic in which when you shoot a projectile at a player and this projectile hits the player it will make a sound towards the damage.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Important changes

  • Axe has the same damage as in Minecraft Java
    End crystals have the same explosion damage as in Minecraft java
  • When falling in a boat you will not receive fall damage like Minecraft java

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Java Combat Addon 1.2.2

  • Fixed animation when sneaking (animation when using the shield remains as in java).
  • Added a mechanic, when they block the shield with the axe, you will not be able to see the shield in the first person.
  • Corrected the appearance of 3 shields in the creative menu and the animation of the shield in the third person.

Some different things are added in the older versions:

The explosion damage of the end crystal and respawn anchor has been modified to be more similar to the Java version

Added: A Java mechanic – receiving the effect of instant damage if you have protection reduces the damage.

Note from Creator:

  • If you are a content creator and feel interested in making a video of this addon, keep this in mind:
    • Do not create a new link
    • Do not provide the direct link


Java Combat Addon 1.19
– The cooldown animation was removed indefinitely 
– The Bow Ding has removed indefinitely
– Knockback when Sprint now pushes correctly 
– Added support to 1.19 versión and recoded to 0 somethings
mcpeaddons download

Java Combat Addon (RP) (Back up)
Java Combat Addon (BH) (Back up)

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