Dragons of the Third Age

Part One of the Quest for the Ten Keys in the Dragons of the Third Age. Make your first Dragon Island Key by collecting enough draconium from Evil Wizards. Get ready to find and tame your first Dragon of the Third Age by using it to unlock your first Floating Island.

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Dragons of the Third Age

The Quest for the Ten Keys has begun. A magical island, a magical opponent, and a magical dragon egg are all unlocked with each key. There is a mystical dragon in this book.

How to tame your dragon

Bind with a dragon! Ancient draconium in a unique combination. One is required for each dragon (and only one). This type of craft:

Dragons of the Third Age

And use it to tame your dragon, like this.

Dragons of the Third Age

Key 1

Place key one in the earth between levels 60 and 70 once you’ve finished crafting it. Wait a few seconds, then glance up to find your first Magical Island when the angels sing. Climb to the top. When you reach the top, you’ll come upon a Poison Bulb

Dragons of the Third Age

Some addons Minecraft PE about Dragon are similar to Dragons of the Third Age addon you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

This dangerous plant has a variety of assaults, including knockback, so be cautious! Defeat this plant, then climb the waterfall to find another. Also included is a Glyde dragon egg.

The purple ingot is a draconium ingot, and the crafting recipe looks like this:

Minecraft Gun Mod

Glyde Dragon

Dragons of the Third Age
Dragons of the Third Age

The Glyde Dragon egg will begin to hatch as soon as you build your first Magical Island, so hurry! The dragon is only a temporary guest to your Minecraft world once it has hatched, and you only have a limited amount of time to tame it before it teleports back to the magical and mysterious Dragon Land. So make sure you’re keeping an eye on that egg and ready to act whenever it hatches! They come in a variety of sizes and hues, and they take a long time to mature! Golden apples can help them grow more quickly.

Dragons of the Third Age
Dragons of the Third Age

They go to sleep when the sun sets!

Dragons of the Third Age

They are saddled and armored in the same way as a conventional Minecraft horse is. They only accept armor made of iron (and dragon armor if you have other MNO dragon packs).

Key 2

Coming soon! For a sneak preview you can build a key 2 like this:

Dragons of the Third Age
Dragons of the Third Age

Place this key in the first Magical Island you create. You just have minutes to summon the second Magical Island after summoning the first.

This island’s Dragon Egg (Rock Crusher) will be arriving shortly!


By defeating an Apprentice Wizard, you can acquire draconium ingots and nuggets. These nefarious sorcerers can be discovered in the Dark Forests (where you find Woodland Mansions). The finest results will come from a sword with Looting III. They have a variety of attacks and will be difficult to overcome.

Dragons of the Third Age

The Master is coming, as well… Prepare thyself.

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Dragons of the Third Age

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