Demogorgon Add-on for Minecraft Pe (1.14+)

A monster on the television show Stranger Things appeared in Minecraft pocket edition. Demogorgon Addon – a very powerful monster, to destroy them is not easy. When you have targeted and attacked them, all Demogorgon surrounding focus on you and they have some crazy animation. What will happen after that?

Cre: JujuStyle7, Twitter

Demogorgon Add-on

It will sneak up when it detects targets, then come closer enemy, jumpscare roar, and attacks them. If there are no targets around 3-4 seconds, it will heal itself. Demogorgon is killed, they will drop Slug

They will spawn at night or in the cave; spawn and live in the Nether.

  • 150 Health
  • 8 Attack damage
  • Loot: 0-2 Slug Item


They will spawn at night or in the cave; spawn and live in the Nether. Dartagnan is similar to a Demogorgon but they have 4 types of stages:

The Pollywog

It is a harmless worm who only attacks a chicken. The Pollywog eats all kinds of food on the ground. Players can tame them with meat (except fish)

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  • 6 Health
  • 2 Attack Damage


  • 14 Health
  • 5 Attack Damage

The Frogogorgon

It is similar to a Frog and harmless with a player. They eat all kinds of food on the ground except for fish. The Frogogorgon will attack chickens and rabbits.


  • 10 Health
  • 4 Attack Damage


  • 22 Health
  • 9 Attack Damage

The difference between The Pollywog and The Frogogorgon is Frogogorgon a bit faster. Both are tamed

The Catogorgon

You can see it is similar to the size of a cat and they are not harmless to the player. They attack any animal on the ground and some mobs. The Catogorgon will be harder to tame


  • 18 Health
  • 6 Attack Damage


  • 30 Health
  • 13 Attack Damage

When they see their target from afar, The Catogorgon will jump out and attack like Fox’s attack.

The Demodog

It is about the size of a wolf but stronger and faster than The Catogorgon. However, The Demodog is not tamed, it will attack animals and many mobs, especially it does not attack mobs in the water.

The Demodog sees their target from afar will jump out and attack like Fox’s attack, but this attack is stronger.

Wild Dartagnans will be afraid of Iron Golems

How is Wild and Tamed different?

Wild: The final stage of Demodog will form into a Demogorgon. Particle effects will appear but it will take some time

Tamed: The final stage of Demodog will not form into a Demogorgon, it will be able to be breedable

– Health: 24
– Attack Damage: 10
– Loot: 0-1 Slug Item
– Health: 46
– Attack Damage: 18
– Loot: 0-1 Slug Item

Slug item

Slugs are dropped by Demogorgon and Dartagnan, it looks like a strange slimy item, not move and very weak since spawning. It will form on the first stage of Dartagnan if you leave it on for more than a minute

  • Health: 6

It won’t drop the item when you try to remove or kill the slug

Note from JujuStyle7

Please, do not use any files including the models, and coded files from the Demogorgon add-on without my permission!!!!! If so you will be reported about this!!!


Version 3.0

  • New mobs
    • Dartagnan; Slug
  • New item: Slug
  • Change new Demogorgon Behavior and Model
  • Removed Mobs: Baby Demogorgon

Downloads Demogorgon Add-on

Demogorgon Add-on

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