Vanilla Twilight Addon for Minecraft Pe

Vanilla Twilight Addon was developed based on mythical creatures but it does not go too far compared to Minecraft. This addon is available in Español, Português, and 日本語

Cre: @HeatFragment.


The Villager Guards:

They patrol the village, spawned randomly to balance. There is 25% of village guards are spawned in the village


They patrol the village with the Sword and attack

Give the Iron Sword to train. Only Armorer, Weaponsmith, and Toolsmith can be trained as Swordsmen.


Use bows to defend the village and light attack. Give Bow to train. There are only Fishermen, Shepherds, and Fletchers who can be trained as Archers.


Summon 3 goblins to his side using magic. There is damage from light to heavy. Give Totem of Undying to recruit. There is only a Librarian, Cartographer, and Cleric who can be trained as Mages.


1. Goblins

You can find elves in the woods, plains, or everywhere except the Desert and Mesa. Each goblin has its own specialties. Although they look weak, all goblins together can pack a punch!

Because of weakness and cowardice, low-health goblins will flee from any harm

2. Mimic

They are spawns in strongholds. Drops dungeon chest items.

3. Hagbat

From dangerous magic and lack of morals, Hagbat was outcasted from the village. They used to be wizards but when there were no more subjects to experiment, they tried to experiment themselves. And that was a complete failure

You can only see them on the Extreme Hills biome.

4. Nymph

Nymph is spawned by the rivers. When a Nymph is killed without turning into a monster, it is likely that it drops a diamond.

5. Giant

Very aggressive when angry, breaking leaves just to get to you.

6. Werewolf

In day time Werewolf is a villager, becomes a wolf by night. It’s spawn at night time.

7. Minotaurs

This is spawned in Taiga. Wield a two-handed ax.

8. Cockatrices

Spawned in Desert. Cockatrices has two types of attack: ranged and melee. It will change attack every few second

9. Necromancers

Spawns in Caves, spawns Skeleton Warriors to defend itself

This is Skeleton Warriors

10. Troll

Attack goblins, Troll spawn in Overworld

11. Ogre

Ogres tend to sleep at night to save energy because of Mesa’s extreme conditions. The Ogres hit the enemies on their heads with trusty cobblestone.
Ogres feel sleepy at sunset, so you can use Brown Fungus (10% chance of being tamed) to tame at this time. They will become reliable companions and can be ridden

  • Right click or hold to ride
  • Sneak and right click or hold to make it sit

12. Centaur

Centaur is spawned in Savanna. There are two types attack: Charge and Range. While charging, you cannot be knocked back

13. Walking Mushroom

This is a giant Mushroom. Spawn in caves and have melee damage

14. Orc

Players can find it in the Nether, with high damage but low health

15. Wriath

Found in the Nether, Wriath can phase through walls


Giant Spider

This is an anomaly of an arthropod. It has a large body but the player can tame (can not tame when insufficient light). You can tame and heal with a glutton of rotten flesh.


It can mine coal ore, iron ore, and redstone ore. The player can be found Kobold on caverns and tamed by golden nuggets.



Traders wander around the taiga snow (trades are randomized)



  • New textures: blue eyes when tamed, saddled texture, sittable, healable with Rotten Flesh
  • Added new custom sounds: Goblins and Ogre has new custom sounds!


Vanilla Twilight Addon (B) .McPack

Vanilla Twilight Addon (R) . McPack

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