The Flash Addon for Minecraft PE (v7)

Superhero themes have never been hot for a part of fans. But what about superheroes in Minecraft? I will tell you about Flash Addon which has a lot of power and super speed that makes no one can reach him. The Flash addon for Minecraft PE will give you a possibility to get Flash suit and become Flash superhero. If you like superheroes, you shouldn’t miss out this addon in

Cre: Ali Ahangar

Crafting Suits

In Craftin Suits of the Flash Addon, you have 4 choices with suits, gather the suits to craft the activator ring

Crafting Syringe Power

Craft an empty syringe to get your power. To activate syringe, you just equip it on your hand

Crafting activator shield and ring

It will activate when you hold it in your hand

The powers is used, you should bring them back to ring, use /function rings to get all the ring. You will automatically wear a suit and get power

You need to make the first suit as normal armors

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


You will see the Flash trident with lightning power

Evil Godspeed Flash

This is your same speed enemy. You can get his power syringe if you kill him. You can not craft it, so let find it to get the godpower of speed

Evil Blue Flash

Remember: Enable Experimental Gameplay


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Downloads The Flash Addon


Flash Addon R(v7) .McPack or here (Drive)

Flash Addon B(v7) .McPack or here (Drive)

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