NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on for Minecraft Pe

If you are looking for an addon to increase the difficulty of the Minecraft game. T NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on v1.18+ is one of the best options for you! This add-on adds 20 mutants with incredible power, affected by damage and falls. Each mutant is much stronger than its predecessor.

Cre: JujuStyle7, Twitter

Mutant Creatures Mobs

Mutant Zombie & Husk

A basic beefed-up version of the regular zombie with 3 different stages. When both mutants are defeated, it will emerge more forcefully.

Mutants can summon smaller minions, which last for 20 seconds. Because the mutant’s size is larger than normal, so it positively affects combat ability as well as movement speed.

  • Health: 130 hearts

Mutant Creeper

It looks a little bit scarier because they have 4 legs combine with a crooked neck as like as a spider.

Mutant Creeper causes a big explosion while attacks. Once it is defeated at low health, the player should run away from them

  • Health: 180 hearts

Creeper will be afraid of the Ocelots mutant and they will take their revenge

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Mutant Stray & Skeleton

Both of them are archers! They become skillful archers when they fire arrows at the same time. Their task is to hunt players and wolves.

They will rise when they are knocked down and shoot arrows with TNT, so players should stay away from them

  • Health: 120 hearts

Mutant Wither Skeleton

Can you see the wither skeleton looking scarier? Even more dangerous than the Mutant Skeleton.

They have 2 stages, don’t run away from them in the last stage. They have a huge sword with lots of damage.

  • Health: 130

Mutant Zombie Pigman

This is a neutral creature with 3 stages. It only attacks in self-defense, can summon stronger minions, and last for 20 seconds.

A giant golden sword in the hand of the Mutant Zombie Pigman will deal lots of damage

  • Health: 120

If they are killed, they will drop a bunch of gold ingots, gold nuggets, and rotten flesh.

Mutant Wolf

It is bigger and stronger than before. The wolf will attack to get an animal’s food.

When they are tamed, the player can ride like a horse. In addition, the player can jump when riding. Try to use colored dyes on it

Health: 80Health: 130

Mutant Creatures: Drowned

It swims extremely fast and lurks in the deep sea. Drowned can summon minions that may have a trident and last for 20 seconds.

It will cause a lot of damage for melee and range mode with a big trident in hand.

  • Health: 120

Mutant Drowned has 3 stages, it will drop a lot of items at the end-stage if defeated

Mutant Skeleton WolfMutant Spider Pig

Mutant Enderman

The powerful mutated beast in The End dimension, can throw blocks and pretend into a clone to confuse its target. It looks like a normal enderman looking at it will attack using a carved pumpkin won’t do anything!

Items Mutant Creatures

Chemical X

The X potion is the real cause of mutating mobs with a 50% chance, can be craftable and brewable

Mutant Creatures

Hulk Hammer

  • Can deal damage to any mobs in close range, but take some durability
  • Can be found by any mutant zombie’s drop
  • Slow repaired by attacking mobs with melee damage

Creeper Egg

  • Can be found from a mutant creeper explosion
  • Pick up by hold (touch), place (controller), right clicking(windows)
  • If you break the egg, you get a chance to from a Creeper shard. It takes around 10-12 mins waiting time, perhaps lightning can reduce the time be half.


Mutant Creatures 1.18+
– Changed:
+ Most Mutants will now despawn from a far distance
+ Removed Darkness effect for Mutant Enderman for now, the cause of crashing when loading into a world.
– Fixed:
+ Players was able to spawn Mutant Axolotl’s easter egg
+ Major crash when loading into a world


Mutant Creatures

New Mutant Creatures Addon v3.1 or here (gg drive)

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