Thanos Gauntlet Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Based on the theory about the famous Thanos character in Avengers. Thanos Gauntlet in Minecraft pocket edition will bring a gauntlet with super-powerful that most people know about. In this addon, you can put gloves on your hands, then you possess the power to defeat enemies with just a few punches, you have run faster speed than other mods and to defeat an Ender dragon, you Just a throw!

Cre: Santigamer836, (Twitter)

How does ThanosGauntlet work?

Some Screenshot from Thanos Gauntlet Add-on

Trident has been replaced by Gauntlet, so if you want the glove to appear, you need to kill Drown Man (Zombies) or you can get Gauntlet in the inventory of creations.

  • Select Thanos Gauntlet in the Hotbar
  • Put it on your hand and you will get the special power
  • Health will be regenerated faster; jump higher; run faster
    • Regeneration (6)
    • Resistance (6)
    • Night Vision
    • Jump Boost (4)
    • Strength (5)
    • Speed (4)

It will cause a huge explosion, much stronger than normal TNT. When the Gauntlet is released, you can kill the Ender Dragon and Wither Boss in one hit.

Melee works similarly to Trident, but you throw it, then it will disappear.

Thanos Gauntlet will tell you how it feels to have a superpower of superheroes in hand


  • The gauntlet explode when launched cause a massive explosion
  • Melee attack similar use as the Trident, it will disappear when you cast because it is the only one.
  • The gems are currently in the correct order
  • Display correctly the name of the glove in English (UK)
Thanos Gauntlet
Download Thanos Gauntlet (Support Creator)
or here (Drive)

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