DaBaby Turns Into a Convertible Meme Addon

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DaBaby Turns Into a Convertible Meme Addon is funny meme addon. It’s will add Da Baby who's a funny giant big head from the popular internet meme' DaBaby turns into a convertible' which will hunt you down in your your Minecraft world making spooky scary sounds saying' Let's GO!'

Cre: Aaron Gamer (Youtube)

DaBaby Turns Into a Convertible Meme Addon

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When attacking and you'll have to fight this funny chief off or he'll try to kill you, and you can finish him off!

Screenshots showing how the addon looks like in the game from Mcpeaddons.com

It'll attack every Hostile mob and some neutral mobs as well in your Minecraft world

Be sure to only fight him in survival when ready and determined. 

Some addons Minecraft PE make your Minecraft word more funny you can check: 

Details and 411 about the addon

  • Health101 hp
  • Maximum hp 101
  • Genus antagonist/ will atack most individualities including you the player
  • Attack damage 3
  • Movement sped2.3
  • You Can fight him off in survival and kill himor.be killed Lol
  • Creator of This addon
  • Aaron Gamer

I made this work for paramount Minecraft performances,1.17.0,1.16.40,1.16.200,1.14.20 and farther bellow other performances


Download DaBaby Turns Into a Convertible Meme Addon (Mediafile)

Download DaBaby Turns Into a Convertible Meme Addon (Drive)

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