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The Copper Golem Addon is based on the deleted mob called “Copper Golem”, which adds an entity and its function of pressing buttons if you are interested in the addon, you can download it to play.

Creator: DextenMods-Dev (Twitter)

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Copper Golem Addon

How to get it?

  • Available in inventory with creative mode
  • Craft:

Copper Golem

Golem Exposed

Golem weathered

Golem oxidized

When the Copper is oxidized, it will not move and will be useless

If the Golem sees a button, it will try to press it, since it likes them very much and does it from time to time.

The Golem will rust over time, its life span before rusting completely is 21 minutes, these are easy to get and can be repaired in an update.

The Oxidized

When it rusts, it will become a statue and will not move

To deoxidize it, you must use a bottle of honey, interact with the golem and it will return to its normal state



  • Added possibility of being able to deoxidize copper golems
  • Statue function was added to the golem when it is rusted
  • Entities were retexturized
  • Their artificial intelligence was improved and it was also corrected that they go towards the stone and blackstone buttons


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