Mechs and Jetpacks Addon

Mechs and jetpacks is addon that adds Mechs and Jetpacks, Demolition Mech, Jetpack in your Minecraft world. It’s creator by Mno and published in February 2020 and so far it is very developed, the author has recently updated it.

Cre: Mno (Youtube, Twitter)

Mechs and Jetpacks Addon

What do Mechs and Jetpacks have in common? They’re both included in this bundle! Aside from that, hmmmm.

They’re both a lot of fun, right? They certainly are! Is it true that they can both be driven around? Yep. Sure, it’s flown/driven. Pixels are present in both. YES, they certainly do! Wow, these are a lot more similar than I expected.

All of t Mechs and Jetpacks Addon can be obtained from your local armorer. Yes, they attended Advanced Armorer School and graduated with a Diploma of Advanced Armorer – Type Things IV. Some of them, at least, have, so good luck with yours!

Some addons you can like in


  • There are numerous hit points.
  • Jumps around like it’s no big deal.
  • On its roof is a handy minigun.
  • Runs at a high rate
  • Swims quite quickly.
  • Redstone and/or iron ingots can be used to repair it.

Demolition Mech

  • It can smash its way through almost anything, making it ideal for mining or destroying your opponent’s foundation.
  • It’s kind of sluggish.
  • Redstone and/or iron ingots can be used to repair it.
  • All the new blocks are mined! The armorers’ mad skillz have been upgraded, and they now have the ability to mine netherrack, quartz ore, tuff, deepslate, and blackstone. And, best of all, it’s flame/lava resistant!


  • A backpack with a jet attached that allows the user to fly. Man, you’re insane.
  • When you ‘kill’ it, it drops a jetpack (handy when you want to pack it away).
  • You know the drill: look up to fly up, and look down to go down.


Deepslate, tuff, copper, and other 1.17 blocks have been added for the mech miner.

Mechs and Jetpacks Addon

Download Mechs and Jetpacks Addon (Mediafile)

Download Mechs and Jetpacks Addon (Drive)

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