Forged Hammers Addon for Minecraft

Come to explore Forged Hammers addon which added 7 different hammers. All of them are fun and unique forgery systems, these things will help players seek to relive boredom when mining with a fresh and new experience!

Cre: Gravel Studios, Twitter

Forged Hammers

This addon is redone from the ground up from the old one that is called Formerly Ultimate Hammers Add-on. For the new version, all the dumb features were removed, the new cool things such as blocks were added in this addon. Take a look below to know what this Forged Hammers addon has to offer

Forgery System



Using the forge to smelt buckets of material to obtain molten materials. Besides you can interact with a lava bucket for the forge to use as fuel

  • One Lava Bucket will last 10 smelts
  • The wood and stone Hammers don’t use for the forge system

Forge Press

This is a block to used to press molten materials into hammer heads (no use fuel)


Using this workbench to craft the hammers. Material: a stick and a hammer head

New Buckets – Forged Hammers

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Hammer Mechanics

  • Regular mining, don’t sneak
  • 3×3 mining: sneak and destroy the block! Takes more Durability!
  • Special move: Sneak and interact, takes even more durability then the 3×3 mining!

Hammer Durability

Wooden Hammer: 20
Stone Hammer: 40
Iron Hammer: 160
Gold Hammer: 240
Diamond Hammer: 320
Diamond Hammer: 960


Texture Pack Compatibility

Note from Creator

  • You are not allowed to put Forged Hammers Addon to another website
  • Leave the original link in your description of videos
  • You are not allowed to use any thing from Forged Hammers Addon without explictit permission
  • Credit: Hammer Textures (Twitter)


mcpeaddons download

Forged Hammers mcaddon
or here (gg drive)


– Renamed:  Ultimate Hammers to Forged Hammers
– Added New Forgery System
– All blocks can now activate 3×3 and the special move
– Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite Hammers are now made with the new forgery system
– Wooden and Stone Hammers are now crafted with their respective materials. (e.g Wood & Stone)
– Wood and Stone Hammers: no longer have special moves, repaired with a anvil and decreased durability
– Durability has been increased on Iron and greater hammers.
– Mining speed now matches vanilla tools
– Tweaked Durability Levels
– Removed: Hardwood, Hard Stone, Hardleaves, Hardwood Sapling, Hardwood Planks
– Added: Forge, Forge Press, Workbench, Iron Hammer Head, Gold Hammer Head, Diamond Hammer Head, Netherite Hammer Head, Iron Bucket, Gold Bucket, Diamond Bucket, Netherite Bucket, Molten (Iron Bucket, Gold Bucket, Diamond Bucket, Netherite Bucket)

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