Boboicraft Addon (Boboiboy Beyond Update)

You can now be any element (boboiboy version) in this addon, which is inspired by the boboiboyt/boboicraft addon. There are only boboiboy elements in this add-on up to stage 2 and I purposefully separated them because the boboicraft/boboiboy add-on can experience issues.

Creator: Fauzing (Youtube)

Boboicraft addon

Additionally, there are Boboiboy elemental monsters in this add-on that act as your allies and have their own elemental abilities.

1.Boboiboy lightning

One of the first three forms BoBoiBoy acquired from Ochobot was lightning. The first form BoBoiBoy unlocked was him.

When Adu Du and Probe kidnap BoBoiBoy Lightning, BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm first emerges. Then they tortured him with balloons that exploded, showing that BoBoiBoy had globophobia.

Boboicraft addon
Boboicraft addon

2.boboiboy wind

One of the initial three elemental forms that BoBoiBoy acquired, together with BoBoiBoy Lightning and BoBoiBoy Earth, is BoBoiBoy Wind, also known as BoBoiBoy Angin.

boboicraft addon

3.boboiboy earth

BoBoiBoy Earth, also known as BoBoiBoy Tanah, is one of the original three elemental forms that BoBoiBoy obtained, the others being BoBoiBoy Lightning and BoBoiBoy Wind.

4.boboiboy leaf

BoBoiBoy Leaf, also known as BoBoiBoy Daun, is a BoBoiBoy’s new elemental forms.

When Adu Du’s fake milk with Chemical X was mistakenly mixed with BoBoiBoy Wind’s real milk to make Yaya’s biscuit, BoBoiBoy Wind transformed into a cyclone.

boboicraft addon

5.boboiboy fire

Fire makes his debut appearance, where Adu Du and Probe first identify him as the alleged arsonist who was circling lighting fire to arbitrary locations.

boboicraft addon

6.boboiboy water

BoBoiBoy Water is pictured sporting a cyan blue vest and a long-sleeved black shirt. He also wore the black pants and a pair of shoes that were black, ice cyan blue, and white.

boboicraft addon

After seeing Ochobot be killed by Bora Ra, BoBoiBoy first transforms from water into ice. BoBoiBoy uses Ice along with the other evolved elements and his newly acquired strength to beat Bora Ra.

7.boboiboy light

It makes reference to BoBoiBoy Light. BoBoiBoy and Gopal look for strategies to help him uncover this elusive elemental form in the library.

boboicraft addon

Captain Vargoba was handily victorious against BoBoiBoy when they squared off, and Captain Vargoba was then sent into space. BoBoiBoy was nearly frozen when his body was thrown into the sunlight, which caused the ice to melt and allowed BoBoiBoy to convert into BoBoiBoy Solar.

This is boboiboy clock, if you want to turn into any boboiboy element, hold it and choose

boboicraft addon

You can tame him using iron nugget

boboicraft addon

8. Boboiboy ice

boboicraft addon


well, in boboiboy beyond this is an add on for enemies or friends of boboiboy, but in this update they have cool powers than before

boboicraft addon

well, this is boboiboy’s friend who has helped defend the earth, besides that, they also have the power to help him, by giving the clock of power from ochobot

boboicraft addon


boboicraft addon
boboicraft addon

this is the enemy of boboiboy’s enemy who has attacked the earth, but there are many more enemies, but I will only show 2 so it won’t take long

boboicraft addon
boboicraft addon


boboicraft addon

This is the power of Boboiboy, and you are free to use it. In addition, it works well to defeat the opposition.

Okay, I’ll stop now. There will be more later. In fact, you may try it by downloading my add-on to see how many more mobs there are!

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  • Don’t forget turn on the experimental gameplay for playing the add on
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


  • This add on is in Indonesian, sorry, later in the next update I will change it again
  • if you can’t use the add on boboicraft (on my channel) I’ll separate it later
boboicraft addon

Boboiboy beyond add on

Download Boboiboy Beyond Addon (Resource pack)

Download Boboiboy Beyond Addon (Beahavior pack)

Becom boboiboy here

More add on here (and visit my channel)

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