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What do you think every mob in Minecraft wants to live in peace and harmony with each other as neighbors. So what’s about the opposite? Let’s imagine all mobs in Minecraft become get angry at each other and fight like enemies. You will know exactly what Angry Mobs Addon is about!

Cre: mno, (Youtube, Twitter)

Angry Mobs AddOn

Now you will see the world includes fight mobs! They will attack every other mob that doesn’t look like them. For example, Villagers attack iron golems, parrots with pandas, zombies vs husks, ghasts vs blazes, shulkers and Endermen, bla bla. That’s exactly a mad world!!

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More details about Angry Mobs AddOn

  • With the mobs that didn’t have an attack: they were assigned a Melee attack and damage based on around a third of their health
  • Spiders are now always aggressive
  • The height and width of mobs is reduced to fit in a 2x2x2 cube
  • For endermen, the teleport distance is also reduced
  • Mobs don’t burn at daytime
  • Zombies don’t turn villagers into zombie villagers
  • Turn off mob despawn
  • Snowball does damage (1-3) against any mob

Note from creator

If you do a review/showcase Angry Mobs AddOn, thank you! Please link back to this page on mcpedl. Cheers!


– Changes to prevent the Wandering Traders from summoning llamas, and prevent the Evoker from summoning vexes.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Angry Mobs AddOn

Angry Mobs addons mcpeaddon
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