Ambient Fireflies (Added Firefly Jars)

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Because Minecraft does not yet have fireflies, I created my own rendition of them. Fireflies will spawn in your environment with this addon, adding a lovely ambient effect. There are no experimental settings required for this addon.

Ambient Fireflies Addon

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These Fireflies are simply background mobs that do nothing. They will only reproduce during the night and will vanish in the morning. I've captured some stunning images and videos of the Fireflies.

Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies


Firefly Jar

Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies

Some other Addons Minecraft Pe you can check in mc addon’s site:

How to use

With the empty jar in hand, approach fireflies and a black circle will appear; interact with the firefly with the jar to capture it.

Ambient Fireflies

Now just place the jar with fireflies anywhere to light places up.

You can suggest in the comment section below what can be the uses of the firelies.

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Hope you Enjoy 😀


V2 Minor Update (Ambient):

  • Added ambient firefly sounds

V3 (Ambient and Blocks):

  • Added Firefly jars


  • Ambient (V2) Only Doesn't Require Experimental Settings
  • With Jars (V3) Require Experimental Settings
Ambient Fireflies
Ambient Fireflies

Download Ambient Fireflies (Ambient With Firefly Jars) or HERE

Download Ambient Fireflies (Just Ambient) 

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