[FANMADE] Craftkai: Book I, Chapter I

Do you enjoy Mimic? Playing Minecraft? Oh, my goodness. The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch is for you. The monsters and their lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic are included in this expansion.

The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch is a fan-made project with no connection to the game itself. Actual mimic developers, to be precise. If you see this and don’t want me to do it, please let me know, because this addon is being discarded faster than Sama in Chapter 4. (And if you do, could you give me a shoutout? unless-) nah jk….. Please accept my apologies in advance for the ranting in each section. When it’s angry and bold, it’s simpler to arrange.

Cre: ItsDarkwolf6 (Youtube, Twitter)

The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update

Craftkai addon includes loud noises and jumpscares.



Basic Information 

Ha ha! Hello! Before we dive in I’m required to give basic pointers for the addon so that you know what’s going on.

  • Each monster behaves basically the same, but a very few of them will have differences. If they do, it will be specified in their section.
  • Unless specified, each monster will just chill and walk around until they spot a player. When they spot a player they will start chasing the player. When caught, a jumpscare will play.
  • Monsters cannot be killed.
  • They do not spawn naturally and have to be spawned through commands or the creative inventory.

With that being said, here is the addon.

Craftkai: Chapter I

If you enjoy my work, feel free to follow along on my YouTube channel where I release my addons ahead of time on a first come, first serve basis.

Welcome to Craftkai’s third pre-release! 

In this version, we significantly improve the functionality and behavior of my AI.

In this update, we emphasize Krampus, the main character of the Christmas Trials, and the holiday atmosphere.



Modeled by: AdamTaylorGaming

Sama, the world eater of Control, is the primary adversary in book I. She has long, deadly claws and is dressed in full black. …and other things I’ve forgotten to mention.

The monster from Chapter One, Sama, is the swiftest. It’s finished if she starts chasing you. Egen grabs you up and cuts you after she jumps alarmed.



Hiachi is dressed entirely in white. the young girl who broke Sama’s seal. She made her into her puppet after releasing her.
Hoachi has a moderate rate of pursuit; being careless will simply cause jumpscares. She chokes you when you jump? Idk.


Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

A young girl named Biwaki is dressed entirely in white. The witch deceived her father and both of them were healed as a result. Like her father, she carries and plays a biwaki.

Biwaki travels at a rather average pace. So, exercise caution around her. She will whack you with her biwaki if she jumpscares you.


Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

Shizu is a statue that you encounter in chapter one.

In chapter I, Shizu behaves a little bit differently from the other monsters. She is randomly created with random sizes where she will remain stationary. Her chance of spawning in a “active form” is 0.25%. She will chase after players and jump-scare them when in her active state.

She shouts in your face when jumpscared.

Minecraft Shaders


Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

The last creature you encounter in chapter one is Kuriko. She is a disabled girl who was formerly Kintoru’s possession.

She moves rather quickly, so be on the lookout. She doesn’t know what she does when jumpscared.



A candle that is included with this addition is useful in low light. It is able to illuminate and emit light.
Use the object to switch it on; once switched, it will turn itself off.

Future chapters and upgrades will include more lanterns.

End of Chapter I

This is all that is here for chapter one so far. This addon will be updated later down the line adding more and more, but I want to take my time not adding too much so that I can add things as cleanly as possible.

If you want more, below is multiple Pre-Releases, and the BETA version of this addon, which has LOADS of other monsters to play around with which will be ported to the main pack later on. Please keep in mind that these monsters are pretty old and are pretty buggy.

Also its my older work so the quality is awful.

Pre Release II: Christmas Trials

Craftkai, Pre Release III: Christmas Trials



(Krampus in his normal mode ?amp; Nightmare Mode states.)

The star of this Pre-Release stars Krampus, the main character of The Christmas Trials from The Mimic. 

  • You can swap Krampus into his NIGHTMARE variant by using this command:

/event entity @e[family=krampus] craftkai_beta:nightmaremode_event

  • You can swap Krampus into his NORMAL variant by using this command:

/event entity @e[family=krampus] craftkai_beta:normalmode_event

  • You can ENABLE the ability for players to grab a key off of Krampus with this command:

/event entity @e[family=krampus] craftkai_beta:keyevent_start

  • You can DISABLE the ability for players to grab a key off of Krampus with this command:

/event entity @e[family=krampus] craftkai_beta:keyevent_stop

(if you know your way around selector arguments you can pinpoint which Krampus you want to be turned but this is just a quick way of doing so with all of them.)


A new lantern is included with this Pre-Release. This lantern features dynamic lighting and doesn’t need to be manually turned on, just like the one in Pre-Release II.

The lantern may be found in the creative inventory if the addon is loaded in any environment. However, you receive it in the map after completing nightmare mode.

NOTE: All light blocks in your immediate vicinity will be cleared when this lantern is switched off. If you use this for other maps, kindly bear this in mind.

Christmas Trials Map


This Pre-Release has a map much like the others! This map functions similarly to the first map from The Mimic.

You start out right in front of Krampus’ house, enter, and speak to the elf in the cellar. She assigns you duties to assist Santa and the elves in preserving Christmas!

Here is some gameplay from the original map if you have never played the mimic before.


You may film on my map as well. Please credit/tag me so that I can obtain your feedback on how I can improve. I enjoy reading and seeing material about my

Pre-Release II: Control

Craftkai, Pre Release II: Control

Welcome to Craftkai’s second pre-release! Pre-releases allow us to test and add features, giving me a secure environment in which to experiment without jeopardizing the main addition. The main addon will eventually receive all features and monsters. We concentrate on enhancing monster AI even more in this version. The main adversary of Book I, Sama, is the focus of this update.

Sama Remodel


This pre-release focuses on Sama. She has a new model, animations, and some new AI to show off. You know what, let’s just list off all of her main features.

  • New Remodel
  • New Animations / Jumpscare
  • Built in path AI capabilities for map makers.

All of these features will be ported to all other monsters in time, but as for now we’re slowly going through things.

New Lantern


The Spirit Lantern, a new lantern, is included in this release! fancy, I realize. Unlike the others, this lantern boasts vibrant lights. There is no need to manually turn on this lantern.

TO BE TRANSPARENT: When the lamp is turned off, the area around you is free of all light obstructions. Please keep this in mind if you intend to use this light in maps.

Sama’s Maze Map.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that the addon is installed before you join the world. If it is not, Sama will not spawn, neither can you progress in the map.

This early release includes a map! I’m referring to the outdated Chapter II, Part III map. Here, you grab a butterfly spirit, dash to the door leading out, and make your getaway.


You may film on my map as well. Please credit/tag me so that I can obtain your feedback on how I can improve. I enjoy reading and viewing content that helps me get better!

This concludes pre-release II.

For Map Creator



Make the entity spawn with this event if you are creating anything with these mobs and there is a section where you do not want the particular mob to jumpscare a player.

NOTE: EITHER YOU OR A COMMAND BLOCK MUST complete it. A map exploit is when you legitimately add the jumpscare disable. However, I’ll include it if you want it.

Path AI Instructions.

AH-HA! We’re finally here! This AI can be customized and be given a path.

To make a path:

  1. Run a minecart track under the path where you want this monster to walk.
  2. Name an Endermite “chaseme“, put it in a minecart, and have it ride the track.”
    Sama will then chase the endermite up and down the track. She will immedietly see the endermite under the ground and start chasing it.


If Sama locks onto the endermite, her chase theme will play. It is recommended to have the spawn point of your map far from the path. Just in case this happens, I set the chase theme to stop if you are 20 blocks away from her. This was my main concern of making monsters with chase themes attack mobs other than players.

Pre- Release 1: Jigoku

Craftkai, Pre Release I: Jigoku.

Subscribe, you won’t.

Before I started on the main show, I wanted to get some modeling experience and work on some AI upgrades. I created this pre-release in order to have fun. I have no idea how many I’ll produce, but this is the first. Here is the update.



Shinigami Orbs


Again, only eggs or orders can generate these orbs in the creative inventory. 

They will vanish when they are interacted with.

You mapmakers might appreciate this. 

They raise the “orbcollect” score by +1 whenever they are interacted with. 

You can use this for something if you are familiar with scoreboards.

Shinigami Lantern


This update also comes with a new lantern! It’s no different from any other lantern at the moment. but still looks cool.





Please be patient with me because I’m not very good at keeping the addon in the map during release.

Install BOTH THE ADDON AND THE WORLD if you intend to play the map. Once it is finished, INSTALL THE ADDON MANUALLY INTO THE WORLD. if you fail to. The in-game check WILL PREVENT THE MINIGAME FROM BEGINNING. Into the specifics.


This pre release comes with a map! With contains a recreation of The Fallen Kings palace. Run in, start the game. Collect the orbs. Avoid demon daddy. And at the end, get a lantern! this map was made to show off Shinigami‘s mechanics.

Anything used in this map or its assets, you are ALLOWED TO USE IT IN YOUR MAP. All I ask is that YOU GIVE ME CREDIT.

You may also make videos on my map. Just please credit/tag me so I can get your opinions on what I can do better. I love watching and reading things about my content and improving!

That is all for pre release I.

Beta content

Update v0.3.1b: Book II Hotfix

Bug fixes brought up by the community, enjoy!

  • Craftkai has been updated for 1.19
  • Tenome has been renamed to “Kyogi” to match the lore.
  • Kyogino longer breaks blocks in his last stand.
  • Updated Kyogi’s chase animation
  • Fixed Tsukiya’s Idle animation.
  • Mobs now have smoother animation transitions.
  • Touched up the monsters’ hitboxes.
  • Made hyakume bigger.
  • Futakuchi-Onna now avoids chains. Hang them up!
  • Increased the lighting of the Duality Lantern from 6 to 8
  • Lanterns no longer break Grass, Slabs, Doors, etc.
  • using the event command, Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that can force her to scream. (craftkai_iii:force_scream)
  • using the summon command, Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that disables her screaming when spotting a player (craftkai_iii:disable_scream)
  • using the summon command, Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that disables her screaming AND jumpscare (craftkai_iii:disable_scream_and_jumpscare)
  • When the player is being chased, speed is now given to the player to simulate the in game FOV effect.
  • Monsters speed has been adjusted.
  • Hyakume is still a waste of a model.


Update v0.3b: Book II

(Pre Release)

New Monsters

Futakuchi-Onna (Remodeled & Revamped)


(PLEASE ignore her tendrils in the last image. These are straight from Blockbench 😭)

Starting with the first monster of the chapter. Futakuchi-Onna is found in the Jealousy Book. (Book II, Chapter I) and is the first monster you run into. She originates from a Japanese urban legend of a woman with two mouths. Rin can be naturally found in forests, plains, and jungles.

She can be killed by feeding her pufferfish or poisonous potato’s directly like you’re taming her. (Like how you poison her in the actual game.) When you successfully tame her, she will die and drop the “Mio Lantern”.

When she spots a player, she also has a 25% chance of doing her little scream.



I must describe him in some detail. Fine. Kurobozo comes off next. Kurobozo can be spotted in the wild at night in jungles.

They don’t yet have a clear goal for this addition. Another monster to be spooked of, nothing more.



Tsukiya, one of my favorites. Just like all the other monsters of the addon, (get used to me saying that) she can be found in jungles at night. Later on I want her to do something with candles but I don’t know yet. But she’s here in her amazing glory!


The mechanic for the ship monsters is a little different. In contrast to other creatures, which can jump-scare you to death. When they capture you, the player suffers from slowness and wither, which kills you gradually.

Bring milk with you if you wish to hunt these monsters.



Hyakume can be naturally found in swamps. Alone. Where he belongs. Separated from the other monsters. Next.



Like the others, Kishin is not now in much use. He’s just being himself, which includes being awesome and irritating as always. He can also be found in rainforests.



Ok. Kiyoki isn’t here for no reason so listen up.

Kiyoki, a monster who definitely knows more then he’s leading on debuts in this update. He can be naturally found in the jungle.


“Trying to escape little rat?”

Tenome can be killed, in contrast to the typical monsters. He will perform a portion of his monologue when dead. When he is finished, he will begin pursuing anybody in the area. He will promptly despawn after losing the target he’s seeking, and players in the area will receive the Tenome Lantern as a prize.

New & Revamped Lanterns

Kiyoki’s Lantern


“My master demands your head”

Kiyoki’s Lantern can be obtained by surviving outrunning Kiyoki in his last stand. At the moment, this is the brightest shining lantern so far at a light level of 12.

To turn the lantern ON, Crouch and use the item.
To turn the lantern OFF, Crouch and hit a block.
The light unfortunately WILL stay on when you die or unequip the lantern as of the witch trials update. All lanterns in the world turn off in intervals of 30 seconds. It’s a weird workaround I know but it works.

Mio’s Lantern


If Rin is slain, her lamp will fall to the ground. When the lantern is lit, the area is illuminated and you can move about. like a dynamic lighting effect, sort of

  • Crouch and use the lantern to turn it ON.
  • Crouch and hit a block in order to switch the lantern OFF.

Unfortunately, as of the witch trials update, the light WILL stay on when you pass away or take the lantern off. The world’s lanterns all shut off after 30 seconds. I realize it’s an odd workaround, but it functions.

Update v0.2b: The Witch Trials

“She was unable to feast since control had been despatched to the east. Rage, who was seething with wrath and counting her days, was imprisoned in his strongest cage while Jealousy was consigned to the bottom of the sea as part of a forgotten legacy. Rebirth was pushed deep into the earth while perpetually pausing to observe history. All shall fall, but four shall stand.”

The update on the witch trials begins with this. The Witch Trials’ major players are all included in this. In a subsequent update, the Fleshbags, Kazeko, and Hanzu will be included.

New Monsters

Kintoru / Sama


“For what use is a pawn, if you cannot control it. 制御”

Mom-uh, Kintoru, Sama. This update includes a new feature. For the time being, she can only morph into her own, but if the others are introduced, she will be able to transform into them. For the time being, she can be located in the forest.



This The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch update also includes the addition of Hiachi. She can also be found in the wild in the Forest. I wish I had more things to say… Isn’t her headgear lovely?

At the moment, Hiachi and Sama are quite basic. Futaomote is the source of all the meat in this update. Given that she’s a skeleton… nvm. So let’s get down to business.

Some addons Minecraft PE are simliar to The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

“I became something much worse”

Futaomote has been added (both Futao and Mote). They are naturally found walking around in the forest. They are slightly faster than the player, making obtaining the lantern more difficult. Let’s get started on that, shall we?

Butterfly Spirits


(They look way better in game)

A Butterfly Spirit will be provided to you if you approach Futao or Mote and communicate with them. You’ll be able to get the lantern if you utilize a butterfly spirit around the twin you got it from.

Light Spirit – Kills Futao.

Corrupted Spirit – Kills Mote.


If you want to be extra elegant, place them in your off hand and walk around with a companion!

New Lantern


When you kill Futao or Mote, the Duality Lantern will be dropped. The lantern is portable and may be turned on and off.

  • Crouch and use the object to switch on the lantern.
  • Crouch and hit a stone to switch off the lantern.

As of the witch trials update, the light will unfortunately stay on when you die or remove the lantern. Every 30 seconds, all lanterns throughout the planet switch off. It’s a strange workaround, but it works.

Bonus: Weapons


I usually avoid adding fan content, but someone suggested an interesting idea that I wanted to try out. When you kill Futao or Mote, their weapons will fall to the ground. They don’t do a lot of harm, but they’re entertaining.

Original Release Content

Futakuchi-Onna is the first monster you encounter in the Jealousy Book (Book II, Chapter I). She is based on a Japanese folktale about a woman with two lips. At night and on the surface, you can find her naturally spawning in the globe.


(Way more entertaining in game I promise)

Chase & Jumpscare:

When the player is pursued, her song, Rins Cry from The Mimic OST, is played until she kills you or you escape. She yells in your face when jumpscared, and you die shortly after.


She can be killed by feeding her deadly potatoes or pufferfish as if you were taming her. (In the same way as you poison her in the game.) She will die and drop the “Mio Lantern” if you successfully tame her.

Mio Lantern:


(Don’t worry about the apple in the inventory.) It worked perfectly because it was old test film. In the final release, everything is textured and polished.)

Rin will drop her lantern if she is slain. As you can see, to turn it on, you must CROUCH and USE the item, and to turn it off, you must CROUCH and HIT A BLOCK. When the lantern is turned on, the area surrounding you will be illuminated, and you will be able to walk around. It’s similar to a dynamic lighting addition.

An aside. When you die or unplug the lantern, the light will remain on. As a workaround, all lanterns throughout the earth will turn off in 30 second intervals. I realize it’s a strange workaround.


– When the player dies, the light will stay where the player died. There IS a fix to this but it requires player.json. As of the official release this is still a thing.

⁃ Jumpscare sounds not playing when jumpscared are HIGHLY REDUCED, NOT FIXED.

– Any feedback is VERY welcome. On how I could do things better, tweaks, or changes. Working on this addon was fun and I would love to make this better.

  • You are free to review ANY of my addons or use them in your maps / servers. all I ask is that you credit me and let me know you did so that I can see your work for myself and see how well you did.
  • Also. DO NOT show off my work as your own. that’s just messed up.
  • You are also completely allowed to look at and use the code. It’s YOUR copy. why would I care? again. just please DO NOT post my work as your own.
  • Mimic devs. if you want this gone, It’s gone no questions asked.


  • Big thanks to @Splex64942199 on twitter for the help! They helped me come up with the weapons idea and flesh out certain monsters!
  • Huge Thanks to The Mimic. They 100% don’t know I exist but if I wasn’t obsessed with this game and challenged myself to remake the monster my models would of NEVER gotten to this level so far.
  • HUGE thanks to AdamTaylorGaming for modeling Sama! he carried the first chapter of this addon!
  • All sounds for Chapter I content was grabbed from The Mimic Wiki.
  • Sama is hot

Craftkai: Chapter I

  • Book I, Chapter I of Craftkai has been launched out of beta and released. Adding the first set of monsters to the addon.
  • All previous releases are still available.


If you are playing the map, Again. Make sure you install the addon INTO the world of the game will not allow you to start.


More Available Building you can install right now in https://minecraft-buildings.com

If you need shader texture you can find in Minecraft-packs.com.

1000+ Map you can find in Topminecraftmap.com.

Minecraft News you can find in Ezminecraft.com

You can find more Mcpe Mods https://minecraft-schematic.com.

Minecraft Shaders

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