EASY Custom Minecraft Mob Spawner XP Farm| Houser Builder for MCPE 1.20+

You can ADD MINECRAFT MOB SPAWNER with any mob for Minecraft. Easily search for mobs by the color eggs or type the name to appear immediately. Easily with 3D preview and custom place mob spawner farm.

Besides, you can add any entity to structures using CHEST, such as furniture, armor, weapons, or food. It’s excellent for enhancing your experience when playing Minecraft game.

Creator: MCPE Addons (Facebook, YouTube)

Add Minecraft Mob Spawner XP Farm Tutorial

1. What is MINECRAFT MOB SPAWNER naturally?

A “mob spawner” in Minecraft refers to a block that generates mobs (short for mobile entities, which are creatures or enemies) in a specified area. These spawners are found in naturally generated structures, such as dungeons or abandoned mineshafts, and can also be obtained in creative mode or through commands.

minecraft mob spawner

A “naturally spawning” mob spawner usually refers to a spawner that is already present in the game world, typically found underground in dark and hidden areas like dungeons. These spawners can generate specific types of mobs, like zombies, skeletons, spiders, or other creatures, which then emerge into the game world through the spawner.

minecraft mob spawner

2. How to find Mob Spawners Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can find mob spawners in naturally generated structures such as dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, and temples. These structures are scattered throughout the game world and can contain spawners that spawn different types of mobs. Here’s how to find mob spawners:

(1) Explore Underground

(2) Search Mineshafts

(3) Explore Strongholds

(4) Check Temples:

(5) Use Exploration Tools

(6) Listening to Sounds

(7) Use Spectator Mode

(8) Enchantments and Potions

Remember that the type of Minecraft mob spawner you find can vary based on the structure it’s in. Also, mob spawners obtained through commands or creative mode can be placed wherever you like in your world, allowing you to create custom mob farms or adventure maps.

minecraft mob spawner

3. How to make a Mob Spawner XP farm | Minecraft building tips?

Step 1: Open Houser Builder for Minecraft App

Launch the House Builder for Minecraft app on your device.

ADD MOB SPAWNER with Android


Step 2: Select any Minecraft Blueprints: houses, modern, medieval, creations, boats, ships, castles, floating islands, temples, vehicles,…

minecraft mob spawner

Step 3: Click Add Entity to the building

In this tab, you can add Chest and Mob Spawner into the building.

minecraft mob spawner

Step 4: Choose Mob Spawner Location
Select a suitable location within your world where you want the natural mob spawner to be placed. This could be a dark underground chamber, a hidden corner, or any area you want to spawn mobs naturally.

minecraft mob spawner

Step 4: Configure the Minecraft Mob Spawner
Once the Mob Spawner is placed, interact with it by tapping on the egg. This will open a configuration menu where you can choose the type of mob you want to spawn. Select from a list of available mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc.

minecraft mob spawner

Step 4: Check the position of Mob Spawner in the 3D Preview

building guide for minecraft
building guide for minecraft

Step 5: Export building blueprint

If you are satisfied with this position, you click Save and Export to Minecraft.

building guide for minecraft

Minecraft Furniture Mod

4. Explore and find Mob Spawner Minecraft

minecraft mob spawner
minecraft mob spawner

🔴 Feature of House Builder for Minecraft PE

✅ Add Minecraft mob spawners naturally (Pig, Spider, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Magma Cube, Blaze, Skeleton, Zombie,…)
✅ Add items by using the chest
✅ Easy to edit building and get 3D previews visually
✅ Auto build and auto-generate structures in the MC world
✅ 1000+ Minecraft builds according to a topic (from small to large size)
✅ Explore structure MCPE Addons by famous Minecraft players.
✅ Support import and export of your own Minecraft building
✅ Manage Minecraft world and backup system in a toolbox
✅ Use block master (structure block) to build your structures

Download House Builder for Minecraft now and unlock the power of adding Minecraft mob spawners to the building blueprint. Upgrade building Minecraft ideas with functional storage solutions and take your Minecraft creations to new heights. Start building, organizing, and adventuring with ease!

Download tool Add Minecraft Mob Spawner

mcpeaddons download

Add Mob Spawner Minecraft with Android

Add Mob Spawner Minecraft with iOS

If you like playing Minecraft, you can also check other MCPE Apps:

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