Mobs Maker for Minecraft

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Mobs Maker for Minecraft PE is inspired by Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM) users who would like to make their own mobs in a professional and quick way without coding, moving cubes, or drawing skills.

Creator: Pa Technologies (Youtube, Fanpage)

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Mobs Maker for Minecraft

Mobs Maker for Minecraft PE is a tool for a master creator to create and edit official mobs or custom mobs. Especially now with our app, you can easily share mobs with friends or anyone in an easy way! Just accessing the available list mob collection from our Minecraft community.

Mobs Maker for Minecraft


– Custom animals/mobs, animates, and behaviors

– Change texture and skin mobs

– Experience with 3D Model Editor professionally

– Custom mod and import them to your game directly 

– Access the best and rare Minecraft mobs Collection

– Edit JSON file of Mobs so easy

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– More ideas and themes for building complete Minecraft addons

– Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Mobs Maker for Minecraft
Mobs Maker for Minecraft

No need to have skills such as editing, moving cubes and drawing mobs like using Blockbench, with Mobs Maker for Minecraft PE all things you need is “CHOOSE” AND “EDIT”.

You only need to change some features such as Custom Textures, Skins, Models, or you will get a lot of new mobs, then collect all of them into an addon and import to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game.

How to use:

* NOTE: Mobs Maker for Minecraft PE is still developing, maybe it hasn’t been completed. However, we will try to update more features:

  • Custom mob with Minecraft 3D Editor
  • Edit animation
  • Improve the UI
  • Update data continuously and regularly

#Check our channels to learn how to use the app:

* Youtube: @UltimateCraftChannel

* Facebook Group: Addons Maker Minecraft PE Community

* Website:

Mobs Maker for Minecraft PE helps creators customize mobs easily without using Block bench. Create your own addons for Minecraft with amazing features! Let’s get started.

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This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition and is not affiliated with Mojang AB, its name, trademark and other aspects of the application are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

Mobs Maker for Minecraft

Download Mobs Maker for Minecraft (Android)

Download Mobs Maker for Minecraft (IOS)

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Can I please download this

Shaders for MCPE

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