Elingo Lucky Blocks Add-on 1.20.41+ (Big Update!)

One of the best luck addon for Minecraft Bedrock, players can be found around the world, chests or craft them. Elingo Lucky Blocks Add-on allows you to use the varnish block, you can get any item, structure, mob or block.

Cre: Captain_Elingo

Elingo Lucky Blocks

Can find some of the Lucky Blocks underground like ores.

Crafting recipes

Lucky BlockDirt Lucky Block

Wood Lucky BlockStone Lucky Block

Gold Lucky BlockDiamond Lucky Block

Netherite Lucky BlockRedstone Lucky Block

Lapis Lucky BlockNether Lucky BlockEndstone Lucky BlockRainbow Lucky Block

Iron Lucky BlockCoal Lucky BlockSand Lucky BlockSoul Sand Lucky Block


Spawn when you destroy the lucky blocks.

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


Elingo Lucky Blocks

Elingo’s Lucky Blocks BP
Elingo’s Lucky Blocks RP

👉 Other Lucky Addon in MC Addons:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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