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Do you want to create a model for Minecraft but don’t know how to use blockbench or other application software to create a model? With 3D Model Editor for Minecraft, you can create, edit, and can choose from available templates, without much manipulation, you can have a cool template for your Minecraft game.

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3D Model Editor for Minecraft

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The easy way is only possible if you have the version of the game in your phone, you will have to download it from the App store as well as Play Store.

Follow these steps to get your models uploaded into your personal or shared cloud in our Group or Minecraft Community

Super easy and intuitive posing by tapping the control points and dragging. This tool helps you to adjust the model and to the poses you want.

  • Navigate using multi-touch gestures for orbiting, panning, and zooming.
  • Many free models, from blocks to furniture, vehicles, and special mobs like dragons, phoenixes, and dinosaurs,… for your creations
  • Like Addons Maker for Minecraft PE, besides you changing the skin for the model (available or custom), you can edit the shape of the model as you like.
  • Use the 2D texture and paint the model in 3D space, or connect your favorite image editor.
  • 3D models can later be directly exported to Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Free download of available 3D models simply with a few clicks

Follow the process below to use App:

3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor
3D Model Editor

Some app and tools in

Specific Features:

  • 3D View: Displays a 3D view of the model so that the user can interact.
  • 3D Skin Model: You can replace the skin by choosing an existing skin in the application, or manually external adding it into the app
  • Select 3D Models according to the available categories
  • Tags: Create your own tag
  • Save Item: After editing, the user can save his model export as a file including PNG and JSON, use this file to add to Minecraft PE with Addons Maker
3D Model Editor

Download 3D Model Editor for Minecraft (ANDROID)
Download 3D Model Editor for Minecraft (IOS)

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