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6th Century Series – Draconia Mod is a cut only showcasing the Draconia species with steel and meteorite from the famous 6th Century Mod. 6th Century Mod takes 500 years in the future in which a man named Anthony, who is the 20th scepter of Minecraftia, unexpectedly sent back 7645 years ago, to the 6th century, in which he has must fix the “Catastrophe” or else the World’s of 3 Realms will merge and chaos of the End of the world will occur. Must he along with other friends, he will make along the way shall fight the end to make the beginning

Creator: Kyuu Desperation (Youtube, Twitter)

A Myth reptile from the Pydragon Family, Draconia has 2 types only left from history. Dracan and Soul Dracan, are types of Dragons that breathe hot gases or soul fire




  • Health:
    • Min: 10
    • Max: 200
  • Armour
    • Melee and Range: 50% Damage protection
    • Fire: 90 % damage protection
    • Lava: 25% Damage protection
    • Thorns: 50% Damage protection
    • Melee Attack
      • Min: 1
      • Max: 30
    • Healable items: Rotten flesh, chicken, rabbit, porkchop, mutton, beef, dracan meat (Phoenix tear and Dragon healing potion only avalable in 16th Century mod)
    • Breathes Gas as hot as 250° Celsius
    • Breath Damage: 20 per Tick
    • Breath Damage source: fire
    • Breath Range: 3.5 width and 30 metres far in theory
    • Tameable items: Dracan meat
    • Information: you can only tame newborn babies stage 1-3


  • Health
    • Min: 10
    • Max: 200
  • Armour
    • Melee and Range: 75% damage protection
    • Fire Immune (Meaning dracan breath is useless)
    • Lava: 25% damage protection
    • Thorns: 50% damage protection
    • Melee damage
      • Min: 1
      • Max: 30
    • Healable items: Rotten flesh, chicken, rabbit, porkchop, mutton, beef, dracan meat (Phoenix tear and Dragon healing potion only avalable in 16th Century mod)
    • Breathe gas as hot as 500° Celsius
    • Breath damage: 40 per tick
    • Breath damage source: Temperature
    • Breath range: 3.5 width and 30 metres far in Theory
    • Tameable items: dracan meat
    • Information: you can only tame new born babies stage 1-3

Dracan information

Both Dracona has variants up to a total of 6 or 7. Dracans can be found in Wildlands, taigas, or deserts. Draconia is intelligent enough like dolphins or only dracans exist naturally.

6th Century Quote

Dracans are found sleepong on their Burned founts, most younglings won’t survive the forests. Sou Dracans are unknown, they are a Combination of Three Realms



Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Ash, Burnt Cobblestone, Burnt Crafting table, Burnt Dirt, Burnt Granite, Burnt Grass, Burnt Gravel, Burn log, Burnt Planks, Burnt Rooted Dirt, Burt Smooth Granite, Burn Stone, Burnt Stone Bricks, Burnt Stripped Logs, Burnt Wood, Forge Furnace, Metalworking table, Meteorite Ore, Dracan Crates, Wooden Dracan Crates, Golden Dracan Creates, Dracan Gold, Steel Block, and Welded Steel Block.

  • Forge Furnace can be crafted with: 6 bricks blocks + Furnace
  • Forge Furnace can be activated by interacting with Coal, Coal Block, or Dried Kelp Block
  • Metalworking table can be crafted with 5 steel ingots + 3 steel rods
  • Ash can be burned in a blast furnace to make coal
  • Ash can poison you if you step off and on it, doesn’t affect dragons
  • You can get loot by breaking the dracan crates



Meteorite Iron Armour

Meteorite iron can be found on the surface of Cold biomes like Ice plains or else. Expect the Meteorite Iron to be stronger than Steel and low class than Dracan Scales

Steel Armour

Steel can be made by inserting dominance. Put it in the Blast Furnace. you can make other steel by putting the previous output. Although the max is soft steel, hardened steel is made in the Forge Furnace

Dracan Scales Armour

Dracan Scales Armour can be crafted on the Crafting table. Expect high-class Dracan Scales like Darkgrey or Black to be stronger as Meteorite iron, middle and lower class than Light-grey, Silver, and White, to be weaker than Meteorite iron but stronger than Steel

Dracan Steel Armour

Dracan Steel can be made by combining steel and a cartain type of Dracan Scales or Dragon Scales, you can make them in the Forge Furnace

Dracan Steel Armour needs Dracan scales armour to be crafted, enchanted ones will be stripped of Enchantments.


Added a Minecraft addon link on MediaFire or mcaddon on MediaFire.


You must turn on these Experimentals:

mcpeaddons download

If you like 6th Centuries Series – Draconia Mod, I will recommend more addons for your game:

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