Vanilla Twilight Addon

Vanilla Twilight Addon strives to stay true to its Minecraft roots. Available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The Addon is themed after mythological creatures. Follow me on Twitter @Heat Fragment to get updates as soon as possible.

Cre: HeatFragment (Twitter)

Vanilla Twilight Addon

Some features mods in Vanilla Twilight Addon:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

The Villager Guards: They spawn at random in a village, with 25% of each village defender spawned in each village for balance. The village is being patrolled.

Swordsman: With his sword, he patrols the village. Does a lot of attacks.

Allow Iron Sword to practice.

Swordsmen can only be trained as Armorer, Weaponsmith, or Toolsmith.

Archer: Defends the village with a bow. Does attacks with light.

Allow Bow to practice.

Archers can only be trained from Fishermen, Shepherds, and Fletchers.

Vanilla Twilight Addon

Mage: Summons three goblins to his side using magic. Damage ranges from light to heavy.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Recruit Totem of the Undying.

Mages can only be trained as Librarians, Cartographers, or Clerics.

Vanilla Twilight Addon


Goblins: Except in deserts and mesas, goblins can be found in forests, plains, or anywhere else. Goblins may appear to be frail. They are both extremely weak individuals, yet when combined, they can deliver a powerful punch. Every Goblin in a gang has a unique skill set. They may be feeble, but they are also fearful; when a goblin’s health is low, they will flee from danger, mending themselves in the process.

Mimic: This creature spawns in strongholds. Dungeon chest items are dropped.

Haag Bats are banished from a hamlet due to their harmful sorcery and moral depravity. These creatures were formerly witches, but because they were no longer being used as test subjects, they sought to experiment on themselves, which ended in disaster. Only the Hagbats may be found in the Extreme Hills biome.

When a nymph is slain without becoming a monster, it has a chance of dropping diamonds. Rivers are where it spawns.

Giant: When enraged, he goes on a rampage, breaking leaves simply to get to you.

Werewolf: At day, a villager, by night, a wolf, who shakes when transforming into a wolf and vice versa.

Vanilla Twilight Addon
Vanilla Twilight Addon

Some addons are similar to Vanilla Twilight Addon you can like in

During the night, it spawns.

Minotaurs are a type of creature that spawns in the Taiga region. He carries a two-handed axe.

Cockatrices: Spawns in the Desert attacks in two ways: ranged and melee. Every several seconds, the attack changes.

Necromancers: To defend themselves, they summon Skeleton Warriors. Caves are where it spawns.

Skeleton Warriors are cave dwellers.

Troll: A type of troll that spawns in the overworld. Goblins are attacked.

Ogre: Ogres sleep at night to conserve energy due to the hard environment on the Mesa. Ogres beat their foes in the skull with their trusty cobblestone. At sunset, Ogres begin to feel tired; you can try to tame the Ogre with Brown Mushrooms during this period (has 10 percent chance to be tamed.) Ogres can be tamed and ridden once they have been tamed.

-To ride, right-click/hold.

-To make it sit, sneak + right click/hold.

Charge and Range are two terms that are often used interchangeably. It is impossible to be knocked back while charging.

The Walking Fungus is a type of mushroom that grows in caverns and enormous mushrooms. Damage is dealt in melee.

Orc: Found in the Nether, Orcs deal a lot of damage but have a lot of health.

Vanilla Twilight Addon

Wriath: Found in The Nether and possesses the ability to phase through walls.


Giant Spider: Giant Spiders are an unusual arthropod that, despite their enormous size, can be controlled. They can only be tamed if there is enough light. You can use its appetite for decaying flesh to tame and heal them.\

Kobold: Your mining companion, able to mine coal, iron, and redstone ore. Golden nuggets can tame them and they can be found in caves.


Satyrs are traders that travel over the cold taiga

(Trades are chosen at random.)

Vanilla Twilight Addon


Vanilla Twilight Addon Added:

  • New spawn egg textures.
  • Reworked:
  • Minotaur animations and attack method.
  • Hagbats now only have one entity, can simultaneously change between flying modes. Removed flat flying animation.
  • Fixes:
  • All mobs now spawns accordingly.

Download Vanilla Twilight Addon (BP) or here (Drive)

Download Vanilla Twilight Addon (RP) or here (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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