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Have you ever wanted an addon that transforms your environment into a World War 1 battlefield? Have you ever wished to create your own World War I battles? You’ve arrived at the right addition! Turn your world into one of the greatest Conflicts in Human History! Voyage Games created this game!

The Western Front, the Middle East Front, the Italian Front, and the Eastern Front are all represented!

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Cre: Voyage Games (Youtube, Twitter)

World War 1 Addon Remastered



World War 1 Addon contains content that may not be suitable for younger players.

If you would like to use this for any use for example (Maps) Please let me know before you use it.

What’s this addon have?

World War 1 Addon

The Allies and the Central Powers are the two factions in this addon. They’ve been fully modeled in 3D. You can spawn in both the Allies and the Central Powers, and they will battle. It also features guns from War Rations and The Great War. New planes and classes have been added!

World War 1 Addon
  • Factions
  • Entente Powers

British Empire

World War 1 Addon
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The Republic of France

World War 1 Addon

The United States

World War 1 Addon

The Central Powers

The German Empire

World War 1 Addon

Austro Hungarian Empire

World War 1 Addon

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Weapons and Items

There are weaponry and food items from the First World War!

World War 1 Addon


It features three 3D modeled tanks from World War 1, you can drive the tanks!

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Add Uniforms from all WW1 with 3D helmets!

World War 1 Addon


  • Voyage Team
  • Produced and Coded by Nic 
  • Thanks to Tixel22/Tixel22#3209 for helping us and making us the SMLE model, thanks 
  • Modeler and Discord Manager – Ahn Jae-woo Gianmiles


  • You’re allowed to showcased or use World War 1 Addon in your videos!
  • Join our Discord to give ideas or to help out!


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World War 1 Addon

Download World War 1 Addon or File Drive


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