Water Splash Addon (1.19)

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Do you want to see the splash effect in the 1.18 trailer in the game? the Water Splash Addon will ad a similar effect to the splash effect of the trailer!

Creator: Kimtroll

Water Splash Addon

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CAUTION: Can stop working if too many mobs fall into the water at the same time.

When you apply an add-on and open the map, you have to enter /function start and wait for 1 to appear in the chat window. If 1 appears in the window, the setting is all done

CAUTION: The /function start command should be used only once. In order for the splash effect to appear, it must fall from about 3~4 blocks high toward the water.

Bugs can occur in multi-play


  • 1.19 Compatibility Patch
Water Splash Addon

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