Rotten Creatures (Bedrock) Addon for Minecraft

Rotten Creatures addon adds a variety of zombies that will make survival more difficult. This Rotten Creatures add-on is recreated of Javamod, by the creator rporotos.

Creator: Petergamer XD (Twitter)

Rotten Creatures




Mummy appears in the desert and attacks with beetles coming out of its mouth, so it is very dangerous, which is the old mummy with flying beetles.

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Rotten Eskimo

Rotten Eskimo appears in the tundra, better said in the snowy biomes, it sometimes appears with a wolf or with a spear which cannot be obtained like the wolf, the wolf of the Eskimo cannot be tamed is aggressive with the players, villagers, and golems. When the Eskimo does not have a spear it slows down and if it does more damage and is faster


Swampy appears in the swamp, when it hits it poisons you and blinds you, also when it dies it releases a cloud of poison and also has a baby shape, which you have to know how to defend yourself from the mob.


This mafia appears in snowy biomes and is extremely dangerous because if it hits you it immobilizes you and it will cost you to run away from it, it also has a frozen step, it walks in water and it also has the shape of a baby, when it dies it releases a new element that is frozen meat that if you eat, it gives you slowness and weakness as well as hunger, it recovers 2 thighs and if you cook it in a bonfire, oven of smoker it becomes zombie meat

Undead Miner

This mob spawns in caves with probability, it has 4 variants that are miner A, Miner B, Miner C, and Miner M. They have something in common. Miner A has a love probability of appearing and has a diamond pickaxe that drops some amazing loot worth finding. Miner B looks more likely than A, this has an iron pickaxe and drops good stuff. The truth is that miner C shows up with a pickaxe of stone and it is more likely that you will find that its pick is made of stone and its drop is not good. The truth is the Miner M is super rare to find, it appears in the biome of the table frequently but I have not achieved it yet, so if you are lucky you can find it, this is characterized by having a golden peak and having one more different from another, it is worth mentioning that if you have a looting III, the zombies will drop more things and also if the game is in difficulty they will come out with enchanted peaks with good encamtaciones.


Burned spawns in the Nether. His crazy form can rarely spawn with a chance of 2.5%, burned can set on fire a player when he hits them. If this mob touches the water, he turns into an Obsidian Burned. When Burned has low health, his strength and speed increase, and he also gains knockback resistance. He emits light. His crazy form has permanent knockback resistance. Rain doesn’t seem good to Burned. Cold is his nemesis. Normal Zombies now have a low chance to transform into Burned when they die in lava

Dead Beard

Spawn in Beach Biomes (Extremely Rare). He has knockback resistance. If this zombie moves, he has a chance to spawn Zombie Pirates or Skeleton Pirates. When Dead Beard has low health, he takes out a TNT barrel and he will explode in 6 seconds. If he explodes, the drops don’t appear.


Spawn all the overworld during Thunderstorm (extremely rare). Except in biomes such as:

  • Desert
  • Badlands
  • Snow

If lightning strikes him, his life is restored. He can infect/convert to zombies. (Zombie turns into zap, the new entity offspring of Inmortal) When he has low health, a different lightning bolt appears near him, and his speed increase. Inmortal moves randomly when hit. He can perform a “dash attack”. When this attack ends, his life is restored. If the thunderstorm is no longer available, Inmortal loses all his “powers”


Frozen rotten flesh

  • Restores 6 hunger points (3 hunger icons)
  • 80% chance of inflicting Hunger for 20 seconds
  • 100% chance of inflicting Freeze for 6~8 seconds
  • You can cook Frozen Rotten Flesh to obtain normal Rotten Flesh (You can use a Furnace, Smoker, or Campfire)
  • Drop by the Frostbitten

Infernal rotten flesh

  • Restore 2 Hunger points
  • 80% chance of inflicting Hunger II for 25 seconds
  • Fire Resistance for 7 seconds
  • You can use Infernal Rotten Flesh as fuel. However, you need 3 of them to cook 1 item

Treasure chest

  • You can obtain it if you kill Dead Beard
  • To open the treasure chest, you have to put it on the floor
  • When the treasure chest is open, it can drop random items likes: Iron Nuggets, Golden Nuggets, Gold Ingot, Emerald, Diamond, or Totem of Undying
  • The treasure chest disappears when it drops all loot

TNT Barrel

  • It has the same explosion radius as the TNT
  • You can use a Flint and Steel or Fire Charged on it if you want to activate the TNT Barrel like a normal TNT
  • If you use a Redstone mechanic on it. The TNT Barrel explodes immediately (this property is also applied if an explosion hit that block)
  • You can use a Firework Rocket on it to launch it in every direction you look


  • Added the function that the TNT barrel flies when interacting with a rocket
  • Now the dead beard, his subordinate, immortal his eyes shine
  • Now they no longer spawn much of the dead beard
  • The burned meat can now be used as fuel
  • The immortal already does his attacks well

Get Rotten Creatures here

Rotten Creatures,addon for minecraft

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