Fantasy Ores Addon Version 3.5

More minerals to Minecraft added into Fantasy Ores addon. Explore incredible 3D armor!

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Creator: Fenrir Studio

Fantasy Ores

Important: Due to the recent update of Minecraft we have had to fix the generation of ores and also solve the bugs that the previous version had.


  • 4 new armors added
  • Bugs resolved
  • Ores spawn in the new caves

Fantasy Ores is an addon that not only brings 12 super epic minerals but also brings 13 incredible armors which have 3D designs and some even Skills.

Some Minecraft addons PE about sword you can check in


A mineral is on layer 19 and below, only chopped with a diamond pick.

Ruby Block

Ruby tool

Ruby’s HelmetChestpieceleggingsboots

Full Armor


This ore appears on layer 16 down

Sapphire Labrys: Damage: 15 – Effect: Force II for 15 seconds

Sapphire‘s HelmetChestpieceleggingsboots

Full set

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Jade – Fantasy Ores

It is located at layer 15 and below. Jade ore is very difficult to find.

Jade Labrys: Damage: 16 – Effect: Force II for 10 seconds-Super jump II for 10 seconds

Jade Block:

Jade Scarab: It cannot craft but you can found in a Minecraft Dungeon or low probability that you will get one in a stack of Jade Ore.


Jade Staff: it launches a projectitle which creates a block of Jade Earth. (8 damage).

Jade‘s HelmetChestpieceleggingsboots

Full set armor


Can be found in layer 50 and below, only in seas. Chopped with Saphhire peak.

mcpeaddons download

Behavior Pack or here (Backup Link)
Resource Pack or here (Backup Link)

Other ores

Craft the same recipe these ores above but with different materials.

Spinel: can be found in layer 40 and belove. Only chopped with Ruby’s peak

Peridot: It is from layer 16 down

Bismuth: can be found in layer 64 and below. Sting only with the Aquamarine peak

Opal: layer 10 and below. Only chopped with an aquamarine peak

Onix: find it in layer 20 and below, rare ore. Only bites with Aquamarine peak

Sulfur – Fantasy Ores

The Sulfur Ore gives Sulfur when chopping. It is heated in the oven and gives Sulfur Powder

Put the powder next to the water cans on the Enchantment table. You will get Potion Sulfur

This potion will make player extraction fatigue, nausea, and blindness when drinking it (1 minute). Also if you mix it with powder it will make a throwing potion that gives the same effects.

Mix it with Stick of Blaze, you will get Sulfuric Acid

After getting fuel, putting the sulfuric acid in the furnace will give the sulfuric acid concentration!

Continues mix it with a bottle of water it will give Sulfate

Then you put Sulfate in the oven, it will give Sulfate Powder

Steel – Fantasy Ores

You can find Steel in layer 10 and below. CHopped with Netherite Pick

Steel Block

Steel Tools

Red – blue – White Stained Steel


Red Dragon Samurai Armor

Blue Dragon Samurai Armor

Paladin Armor


Can be found in layer 11 and below and is minced only with a Steel pick and baked to give Tungsten

Fantasy Ores

New Ores in Fantasy Ores Addon


Found in layer 10 and is minced with an aquamarine beak


Found in layer 30 and is minced with an aquamarine beak


Found in layer 15 and is minced with an aquamarine beak

Watermelon Tourmaline

Found in layer 11 and is minced with an Jade beak


Found in layer 12 and is minced with an Aquamarine beak


Found in layer 57 and is minced with an Jade beak

Tailor’s table: few things can be done

  • Tiki Mask
  • Steampunk glasses + Hat
  • Steampunk Top Hat

4 New Minerals – Fantasy Ores

Moon Stone

Solar Stone

Ophere Stone

Burning Stone


Fantasy Ores Addon:
– Added 4 new armors
– Resloved bugs
– Ores spawn in the new caves


mcpeaddons download

Behavior Pack or here (Backup Link)
Resource Pack or here (Backup Link)

Fantasy Ores V3 2D BP or here (Backup Link)
Fantasy Ores V3 2D RP
or here (Backup Link)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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