Water Bike Addon for Minecraft Pe

Water Bike Addon for Minecraft Pe is a great option for traveling on the water without having to use a boat. It’s not easy to control this vehicle but you definitely possibly drive it and go around your world. The design of the vehicle looks quite good and strange. It will be more improved in the future such as the size of the vehicle, it looks a bit too big

Cre: TheEnderface, Twitter

How to build Water Bike?

You need to 4 Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin to build the Water Bike as like as the structure in the screenshot below or you can use Iron Golem

You just push it out into the water, it will not actually float on the water, but in fact, it floats in the air

To ride and control the Water Bike, you need to hold a key on your hand (it replaces the Carrot on a stick)

  • iOS / Android: Long press the water bike and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the water bike to ride it

Downloads Water Bike Addon

Water Bike (B) .McPack

Water Bike (R) . McPack

Water Bike .ZIP

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[…] Water Bike Addon for Minecraft Pe […]


[…] Water Bike Addon […]

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