Girlfriends Addon for Minecraft Pe

This addon will turn all the villagers into women. You can ask a girl to marry you using a diamond. Then she will automatically follow you and even help you (she brings some of the stuff that you need)

Cre: Fallen Gotham, Twitter, Website

How to find a Girlfriend?

The girlfriend has been replaced by Villagers, so you can find spawn in villages. Get a diamond ring (a regular diamond) and give it to the girl you like and want to get married. If she accepts, you will see some red hearts particles appearing.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the mob while holding a diamond and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold a diamond in your hand and right-click the mob

There is no way to get away from the wife when you married. She always follows you around and she has an infinite amount of health that she will never die (She’s a God!!!). To stop this relationship, you need to give her an emerald (like signing a divorce…)

You can sit on your girlfriend’s shoulders but she will not move

  • iOS / Android: Sneak, long press on the mob and press Sit / Stand
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click

The girlfriend has some useful such as carry some of your stuff, press the Open button to open the inventory with 27 slots, or sit on your girlfriend

Also, you can read your marriage contract. Find her and give her a book, then you will get an empty sheet of paper

It’s great when you no longer feel lonely in the Minecraft game. You even get many wives in this addon

Any girl here want a boyfriend? Let try to play this Boyfriend addon


  • Unlimited health, can ride and protect you
  • Sit/stand (doesn’t delete inventory any more)
  • Marriage contract works for all girlfriends
  • Add new textures
  • Zombie girlfriends

Downloads Girlfriends Addon

Girlfriends Addon (B) .McPack

Girlfriends Addon (R) .McPack

Girlfriends Addon .ZIP

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[…] Minecraft world? Marry your girlfriend and you won’t feel lonely anymore. Try playing this Girlfriend addon where you can marry lots of girls […]


[…] Girlfriends Addon […]

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