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Want to open a small pastry shop in Minecraft? But the available cakes in the game are few and there is no way to create new types of cakes. Download Pastry shop Addon to be able to own delicious and colorful cakes!

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Creator: UltimateMobile


  • Enter command : /give @p food: to receive cake and ingredients to make it
  • To make cakes, you need ingredients, and practice according to the instructions

New fruit/food and cake, item: Onion, shrimp_soup, blue_donut, dragon_fruit, watermelon, lemon, whipping_cream, glass_cup, lemonade, peach_smoothie, watermelon_smoothie, orange_juice, black_cake, banana, peach, pink_donut, orange, blueberry, strawberry_pie, carrot_pie, strawberry, apple_pie, grape, grape_pie, blueberry_pie, pizza, shrimp, radish.

NOTE: Cake, food, and soft drinks will carry effect, when eaten you will have different effects.

  1. Strawberry_pie
    Saturation, Strength
  2. Carrot_pie
    Fire resistance, health boost
  3. Apple_pie
    Village hero, instant damage
  4. Grape_pie
    Instant health, jump boost
  5. Blueberry_pie
    Speed, wither
  6. Pizza
  7. Shrimp_soup
    Health boost, jump boost
  8. Blue_donut
    Water breath
  9. Pink_donut 
    Instant health, jump boost
  10. Lemonade
    Fire resistance, jump boost
  11. Peach_smoothie
    Speed, water breathing
  12. Watermelon_smoothie
    Fire resistance, health boost, invisibility, jump boost
  13. Orange_juice
    Regeneration, strength
  14. Black_cake
    Poison, slowness, weakness


  • Enable Experimental Gameplay
  • Download addons and apply to your world.
  • Tested on iOS and Android, and Windows10 I'm not sure

DOWNLOAD Pastry Shop Addon

Pastry shop Addon


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