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War Tank Add-on is for those who are playing Minecraft and passionate about tanks, this is a special version designed to look like the most realistic, only for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The War Tank Add-on is based on the German tank known as the Tiger I and has many striking similarities.

The tank is an incredibly strong vehicle that can withstand a lot of damage and be used in battles as a powerful mobile weapon against other players or mobs. 

Creator: Gona

War Tank Addon Feature

How to control the tank?

You must first search for a new tank.

  • Replace: witches 
  • Find naturally in swamp biomes.
  • Tank health: 60 

Or you can use a witch spawn egg to spawn a new one.

  • iOS/Android: Walk to the center of the tank, long press and press “Drive”
  • Windows 10: Find the center of the tank and right-click it to center the driving seat

Controlling the tank is similar to controlling a horse. Move in the direction you want to go. You can fire a rocket by throwing a tank shell at your target. 

War Tank Add-on

The tank has a storage container with 27 slots. You can store all your necessities.

  • iOS/Android: Sneak, long press on the tank and press Open or drive the tank and open the normal inventory.
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click or drive the tank and open the normal inventory
War Tank Add-on

There are 3 different types of resource pack, you can choose one between. 


War Tank Add-on


War Tank Add-on


War Tank Add-on

The attention to detail is just amazing. Here are a couple of images from a few different sides. 

War Tank Add-on


The bow and arrow have been changed into an M1 Thompson Machine Gun and the chainmail armor has been turned into a World War II Uniform (USA).

War Tank Add-on

The grenade is an item which you can throw. It causes a small explosion and no fire. 

Download War Tank Add-on

War Tank Add-on
  1. Behavior.Pack or here (Drive)
  2. Resource Pack:
    1. Green Pack or here (Drive)
    2. Grey Pack here (Drive)
    3. Sand Pack here (Drive)
  3. Note: Active the behavior and resource pack for a world to use War Tank Add-on.
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[…] War Tank Addon […]


[…] War Tank Addon […]

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