Baby Player Addon for Minecraft Pe

Baby Player addon can make the player have the ability to become a baby or a small person in Minecraft pocket edition. In particular, it works for any custom skin and doesn’t make change any characteristics of the player such as health or strength. This is actually pure a visual mod

Cre: Maxy, Ed24 (Twitter), TheMCPESavage

You can see player will much smaller than the normal model

New Year Minecraft Skin

This addon works perfectly for custom skins. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be good is that when you hold any item in your hand, it looks glitched. But don’t worry, you can still use that item

You look quite adorable, right? You’re taller than the villager in baby skin

Would you like to transform into Ant-Man? You actually can become Ant-Man when you use Baby Player Addon. Then drink some strength and speed potions, you will soon be like him!

Baby Mods

In this addon, there is an option that will turn all the mobs in Minecraft into babies. Do you want to see a creeper to look like a baby?


  • Player run faster but it looks realistic
  • Fix bugs
  • Add some optimization
New Year Minecraft Skin

Download Baby Player Addon

Baby Player Addon

Download Baby Player Addon (Mcpack)

or here (Drive)

👉 If you like our Baby Addon, you also check our War Tank Addon created by Gona, Ben 10 Add-on created by TheCommanderCreeper in

New Year Minecraft Skin

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[…] Baby Player Addon Minecraft Pe […]


[…] Baby Player Addon  […]


[…] Baby Player Addon Minecraft Pe […]

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