Vanilla Katana Addon Minecraft PE

Are you getting tired with Vanilla Sword? You’ve come to the right spot; Vanilla Katana Addon adds seven new varieties of the sword known as “katana.” Yes, the katana in question is a Japanese sword, therefore it differs from most sword addons in that it is a katana rather than a sword.

Cre: Zeromaster178 (Youtube)

Vanilla Katana Addon

Let’s begin exlore Vanilla Katana Addon with Mcpe addons

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

-katana made of wood-

The most basic katana, produced in the artisan with two planks (whatever the plank is) and one stick (will be explained at the end), This katana has 4 attack damage, can be charmed, and has 90 durability (no special ability).

Vanilla Katana Addon

-stone katana-

The next katana is the stone katana, which is formed of two stones and one stick, has 5 attack damage and 198 durability, can be charmed, and has no special abilities. It is manufactured in the crafter’s workshop.

Vanilla Katana Addon

-iron katana-

The iron katana is the next tier, with 6 attack damage and 376 durability. It is created of 2 iron ingots and 1 stick, can be enchanted, and has no special abilities. It is made in the crafter’s workshop.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Vanilla Katana Addon

-Gold katana-

This gold katana is produced from two gold ingots and one stick, and it has 4 attack damage and 49 durability. It can be enchanted but has no special abilities.

Vanilla Katana Addon

Constructed in the craf, the Diamond Katana is made of two diamonds and one stick, has 7 attack damage and 2343 durability, can be charmed, and has no unique power.

Vanilla Katana Addon

-netherite katana-

The Netherite katana, which is made up of two Netherite ingots and one handle (which will be described later), has 8 attack damage and a durability of 3021, may be enchanted, and has no special abilities.

Vanilla Katana Addon

-Copper katana-

The next katana is still in beta, so please understand if there are any changes in the future release. The copper katana is made of two copper ingots and one stick, has 6 attack damage and 560 durability, may be charmed, upgraded, and has no special abilities (only for tier 1) crafted by crafter

Vanilla Katana Addon

-copper katana (tier 2)-

In a forge, 1 copper katana tier 1 and a lightning orb are forged together to create this katana (explained below) This katana’s attack damage is 6 and its durability is 560. Has the power to conjure lightning and provide fire resistance to opponents. 3 players cannot be enchanted for 20 seconds, produced in forge

-copper katana (tier 3)-

Tier 3 is similar to Tier 2, except that it now has the ability to summon a large amount of lightning and has a 60-second cooldown. To activate, simply right-click on a computer or hold the screen on a mobile device.

=Crafting table explanation=


Made with 1 hammer, 2 lava buckets, 2 iron blocks, and 4 iron ingots, this crafting table is used to improve the katana to the next tier (currently only copper katanas can be upgraded).

Vanilla Katana Addon


With 5 compressed cobblestone, a hammer, and pliers, you can make the most crucial crafting table in this addon (to be explanation later)

Vanilla Katana Addon

=Crafting material= 


Vanilla Katana Addon


Made with 2 stick and 5 iron ingot

Vanilla Katana Addon


Made with 8 cobblestone and 1 stick

Vanilla Katana Addon

-lightning orb-

Cannot be made; only discovered in the following locations: desert temple, fortress, ruined gateway, shipwreck, and basic dungeon, as an upgrade material for copper katana.

That’s it for this update, I hope you enjoyed Vanilla Katana Addon, and if you have any recommendations, please DM me on Instagram @zeromaster178.

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  • add copper katana 
  • re-model katana crafter and rename it to crafter only 
  • add new crafting table (forge)
  • Changed all addon introduction 
  • added new item 
  • update link download
Vanilla Katana Addon

Download Vanilla Katana addon (RP) OR HERE (DRIVE)

Download Vanilla Katana addon (BP) OR HERE (DRIVE)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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