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WELCOME TO TROPICAL PARKOUR, a free-flowing map with outstanding bespoke and spontaneously generated structures in addition to the custom environment. From little to enormous jumps, you’ll experiment along the way, picking your favorite shaders and adding a personal touch (compatible with any type of shaders and textures).

Cre: You Koala (Youtube)

Tropical Parkour

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This is a nearly identical recreation of the same map, except all of the blocks were created and updated for the Java versions, and it is NOT a duplicate.

Recommendations (where applicable):

  • There is no restriction to the number of players.
  • The spawn places are becoming increasingly far from one another.
  • Select the shaders that are most appropriate for your device.
  • Day and night environments are both compatible.
  • External textures and addons can be used (not included).

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Download Tropical Parkour 

Download Tropical Parkour (Drive)

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