Nation Of Calvada

Nation Of Calvada is a Minecraft nation map project. Taking a look at both the city and the countryside. This map of the United States is a remastered version of my previous work, the Mojave Region. This project is still in the’rebuilding phase,’ but it will soon be one of the largest Minecraft maps ever made. Please pay a visit to the Nation of Calvada to observe the many structures and the surrounding area.

Cre: Wormwal (Twitter)

Nation Of Calvada

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

| As of the most recent update, this is a view of Las Vegas City |

Welcome to Calvada’s wonderful universe!

Calvada became a nation on April 17, 2013. It has undergone extensive reconstruction throughout the years, with increased building quality and municipal planning.

Some other Maps Minecraft PE you can check, it’s available in

There are two cities (Las Vegia and Grandia) and a few places around the map as of the newest 1.0.4 version. There’s a lot to see on the map; go view the various skyscrapers, the suburban region, the businesses, the public services, and more. I wish you a pleasant day in Calvada!

I’m continuing working on this project, so stay tuned for further updates.

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

| View more images from the map |


[Major Update]

  • Built more buildings in Slip District (L.V City)
  • Built the new Leadership House in Administer District (L.V City)
  • Expanded Las Vegia Intl. Airport (Phase 1 expansion)
  • Built the Sunnyville Gated Community (L.V City)
  • Expanded the North CB District (L.V City)
  • Built the town of Las Nipton (Town)
  • Built a diner in Vegia Hill (Town)
  • Built a police station in Vegia Hill (Town)
  • Built the new National Highway
  • Built a few country roads
  • Rebuilt 50% of Grandia City
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Download Nation Of Calvada (From Creator)

Download Nation Of Calvada

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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