Arkham Knight – Wayne Manor: Gotham Revival

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The Arkham Knight experience in Minecraft now! Explore the legendary mansion with one of the most famous superhero lairs underneath in Bedrock. The map is heavily inspired by DC Batman: Arkham games.

Creator: ilRaptorli

Arkham Knight – Wayne Manor

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The most important buildings will be as mini-projects, but this is still part of the main project: Gotham: Revival

  • For now this has already taken about four months. The whole building started as a build-commission that I accepted, basically a mre accurate version of Berhan’s Wayne manor. So this is how i started something I would anyway have to start – The mansion of the bat – Wayne manor. Currently, I’m announcing that the map is finished!

Wayne manor | Revival project: Mansion includes:

  • The building progress: 100%
  • The area with some side buildings
  • Wayne manor:
    • The Mansion interior
    • The main hall
    • Main hall rooms
    • Study
    • Butler’s sitting
    • Guest room
    • Butler’s bedroom
    • Loundry room
    • Servant’s hall
    • Small storage room
    • Arkham: VR room (morning room)
    • Dining Room 1
    • Dining Room 2
    • Family member’s bedrooms
    • Library
    • Wine Cellar
    • Gotham TV inspired Master’s office
    • Kitchen
    • Guest bedrooms
    • Ballroom
    • Grand hallway
  • The Batcave:
    • Cave entrances
    • Cave area
    • AK/AC Batcave
    • A:VR Batcave
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