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This addon includes many characters that are inspirited by the artist Trevor Henderson (Who makes horror artist pieces) and a chunk of the creators are made so far.

This add-on will update and expand more in the future. Hope you enjoy it

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Trevor Henderson Creatures

Siren Head

This is Siren Head and Siren Head Model

  • Health: 100,000
  • Attack: 10,000 (instantly break armor)

Light Head

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Cartoon Dog

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Cartoon Cat

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Breaking News

This mob is the hardest to kill

  • Health: 300,000
  • Attack: 100,000 


Note from Creator

There are loud noises in this Trevor Henderson Creatures addon, so don't turn your volume to the max


– Updated description
– Fixed the spawn egg for Breaking News
Trevor Henderson Creatures

If you want to play more add-on, I will show you more below:


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