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This addon adds two dirtbikes, hot air balloons, blimps, bicycles, three types of planes, a chopper, flying broomsticks, and… horse with the cart. Download the Transport Add-on v8 and enjoy new transport in Minecraft.

Cre: mno, Youtube, Twitter

Transport Add-on v8

How to craft?

To obtain any of these things, you have to craft the right sort of package (bulldozer-in-a-box!), place it down, and then destroy it. A spawn egg will drop and the fun will commence.

Vehicles in Transport Add-on


Expensive, that’s for sure (those grey blocks are netherite blocks, yikes). Slow and powerful, these things can bust through just about everything. Including… bedrock. Yes, not sure if this was a good idea or not, but, there it is. They come in various colors, and when destroyed, they don’t drop a spawn egg, so you’ll need to build a new one. Or just cheat it back, I won’t tell.


The idea for heading out for that camping trip with your buddies. Terrorize the villagers with sounds of your 2 stroke madness. They do have a small inventory, perfect for that shulker box full of camping gear. They don’t drop a spawn egg when destroyed. Not that expensive though (note the black blocks are coal blocks)


It’s cheap, com in a variety of colors, and they do drop a spawn egg, so, there’s that.


They don’t drop a spawn egg either. But you can ride them (and take a passenger) and they have an inventory

Hot Air Balloons

It’s so slow, to repair them you can use wool or string ( look up to fly up, look down to fly down.)

Passenger Plane

You can take up to two of your friends on the plane ride. However, if you fly too slowly, you will drop from the sky. Be careful


Download Transport Add-on to explore more cool things such as Blimp, Death Trap, Single-Seat plane, Open Cockpit Plane, Flying Broomsticks


Updated so bulldozer could crush 1.17 blocks such as deepslate, tuff, copper, etc.


Transport Add-on

or here

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