Disneyland Paris Resort | Minecraft Map

Welcome to Disneyland Paris Resort which happiest place in Europe!! This is a huge map that includes 5 interesting destinations. Now let download and explore this map!!

Cre: Yosi Zi, Youtube, Twitter

It includes Disneyland Park,  Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village, Some of the Disney Hotels, The Train Station

All the lands in Disneyland Paris Resort

The main street on this map is surrounded by all the shops. So you can go around and see many places like this. It makes the world more lively and entertaining

Discovery land

Here you can explore Space mountain, Buzz lighyear, and Autopia. These places just a part of Disneyland Paris Resort map


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, The Voyages of Pinocchio, Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s just a Small World, etc.

Frontier land

Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, and Molly Brown

Adventure land

Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and La Cabane des Robinson

Walt Disney Studios Park

All the rides like Ratatouille, Tower of Terror, Studio Tram Tour, Toy Story Land, Crush’s Coaster, Etc

Disney Village and Disney Hotels

Hope you like this map and spend time a lot of time to discovery


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