The Primordial king

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The Primordial kings bring to your minecraft world are the most Powerful Swords Let us know that you loved this one.  

Creator: Sazry Studio

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The Primordial king

This Mod will bring to your minecraft world are the most Powerful Swords. It also has Ability to ignore mobs and dissappear in the world. Some time are The Multiverse Original Same thing The Original kings sword.

The Original king Sword: Are the most powerful history in minecraft that has a God mode. 

The Primordial kings

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Sword in Original EU Infinity

Health: 200 = Regeneration: ∞ Instant health: ∞

Ability: ∞
Slash Ability: ∞

Vanish Ability: ∞

Attack Damage: ∞

Resistance: ∞

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The Primordial king

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The Primordial king

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