The Battle of Pillagers : Extra Edition

Updated and improved AI and mobs for The Battle of Pillagers. We have been absent for about a year, but we are back with new features and upgrades. This test version of the TBOP edition features new models and animations along with improved AI and weapons. The Battle of Pillagers: New Edition is a joint effort between me and a mystery person.

Creator: union_gern (Youtube)

The Battle of Pillagers

Attention! The Battle of Pillagers addon is Created by Gerenhard GaminG and Jamias, this addon formed because our collaboration.

Minecraft Gun Mod

Just like reguler The Battle of Pillagers, but the Mobs having new models and new animations.

Rifle Infantry (Riger)

The Battle of Pillagers

Old Infantries from the first Battle of Pillagers have been modified into Rifle Infantries. This mob will target any families of players or villagers and has a single shot and medium firerate.

Sniper Infantry (Sniver)

The Battle of Pillagers

Sniper Infantry is very dangerous, even tho its having medium range, but their damage is seriously huge. This is a Remodeled version!

Firework Mortar Infantry (Fibral)

Minecraft Gun Mod

The Battle of Pillagers

Firework Mortar Infantry, can shot fireworks in huge range, they are deals many damages. But the weakness they have is when reloading the gun.

Machinegun Infantry (Machger)

The Battle of Pillagers

Machinegun Infantry totally is strong, deals good damage for their enemies. Anyways, this mob have a chance to be friendly fire.


Download one of the files!

  • Press and select Minecraft to import.
  • Add the addons into your world
  • Click Play or Create
  • Done, have fun! 😀

This addon is Created by Gerenhard and Jamias.

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Credit me as the owner of this addon, use my Youtube Channel link!

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in

The Battle of Pillagers

Download The Battle of Pillagers (Resource pack)

Download The Battle of Pillagers (Behavior pack)

Minecraft Gun Mod

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