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Minigame maps in Minecraft are a topic that Minecraft followers are extremely interested in. We bring you more surprises and more drama when playing...

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Get a better experience at Skywars or at Bedwars or any other PvP game mode is one of wishes players Minecraft. A map that brings to you the adventures as well as opens a surprise after another. Download Pada’s Laboratory to see how this map will make players satisfied!

Cre: Pada iOS (Youtube, Twitter)

Padas Laboratory

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Some screenshot from mcpeaddons

Here is your first spawn point, interact with them and start the adventure

Train yourself with 3 different game modes, let’s explore Padas Laboratory map

1. Enderpearl Clutch Training

This mode will bring to you an infinite amount of Enderpearls and blocks, using these things in your way. Look it amazing with sky shader

Padas Laboratory

2. PvP Training

There are two versions to choose from: normal and hard. Here you are trained your aim and your snowball or egg combos against non-moving objects

Padas Laboratory

3. Bridging Speed Training

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Try to get a better score every time

Padas Laboratory

4. Block Extension Training

Using blocks in your hand and try to survive this stage. Don’t let falling down the map

Padas Laboratory

5. Block Parkour

This is new parkour in Pada’s Laboratory map, let go to the green side by placing a maximum of 2 blocks

Padas Laboratory

5. Treasure Breaking

This is a new one that was added to this map. You need to kill the rabbit in the middle of the protection while avoiding getting hit by zombies

Padas Laboratory

6. Bow Aim (new)

Trying to shoot the target by using the bow and arrows

Padas Laboratory

Hope you enjoy the PvP map!!


– Added:
+ A new download link for the 1.17 version


mcpeaddons download
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Padas Laboratory V2 (1.17.10) or here
Download V2
Download V2 (1.16.40)
Download V1

Parkour Map for Minecraft PE Maps

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[…] Padas Laboratory [PvP] | Minecraft Map […]


[…] Padas Laboratory [PvP] | Minecraft Map […]


[…] Padas Laboratory [PvP] […]

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