Lunar Client MCPE – The Best Client for MCPE

Lunar Client MCPE 1.20 is one of the greatest clients for PC/Java Edition, and it is now accessible in MCPE/Bedrock Edition. This client has many fantastic features such as anti-cheat, mod menu, direction HUD, armor HUD, better UI, cosmetics (wings, capes, hat, bandana), potion status mod, crosshair editor, force coordinates, and more.

Credít: Lunar Client

Lunar Client MCPE

Lunar is not a Minecraft Texture Packs. It is a separate client from the Mojang client, with more visual and GUI settings.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

What does Lunar Client actually do?

The Lunar Client Store is where you can purchase a wide variety of in game cosmetics, including: Cloaks, Emotes, Wings, and more! A number of your favorite creators also offer their own personalized cosmetics through the store, with purchases directly supporting the creator.

Is Lunar Client a hacked client?

Lunar Client is not a hacked client or cheat that grants players an unfair advantage.

Why is Lunar Client so popular?

Better Performance. Many content creators often struggle to record or stream Minecraft while also having high FPS. Luckily, Lunar Client provides a built-in performance boost so that you can freely follow your content-creating aspirations without being limited by your frame rate.

Does Lunar Client allow mods?

After starting Lunar Client, you will be presented with a large list of highly customizable Minecraft mods that can be enabled by simply clicking on the toggle.


MCPE Download

Download Lunar Client MCPE 1.20

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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