Hit PvP V.0.5 [BETA] | Minecraft Map

Hit PvP is a practice map with Legendary PvP training features. Do you want to join a PVP map to practice Aim, CPS, W tap,360 Combo? These things are available on PvP servers and ready for everyone to practice any time!

Cre: MC Digger

Hit PvP

This map is still on the Beta version, so it would be nice if everyone helps the creator to complete it by giving your feedback/ideas. Now let’s go to explore the map!


Hit-PvP will give a unique experience while you hit and take your opponent up and control them. The way your opponent is weak and strong when fighting makes you more fun! Come to Minecraft’s combo fly PVP MAP where you can play with your friends or bot

How to play

  • First, you walk inside a combo PvP cave and fall down on the map (Combo PvP room)
  • Then get the items from the chest
  • Teleport to area and start fight

It will auto teleporting to the hub after reaching the arena

NPC helper: Tap on the talk button to get tap teleportation

Practice aim with an unlimited snowball

Extra Hit particles

Your combo can take your opponent upside just like PvP God

OP health Bot

You also can practice your aim with bot in Hit PvP. Let’s see the arena

2. Sumo New!

Come to this arena and fight 1v1 in a small circle. If you are the last one to survive, you will win!

Sumo but arena gets smaller

How to play

  • Select SUMO in NPC talk
  • Then click on fight button, this arena only 1v1, the winner will get point

master maps for minecraft

3. NoDebuff (pot pvp) Hit PvP

  • PvP with healing potion (pots)
  • PvP and heal simultaneously!!

How to play

  • Go inside NoDebuff cave and you will fall down in NoDebuff room in Hit PvP map
  • Then get items from the chest
  • Teleport to the area and start to fight (Auto teleporting to hub)

Using Ender Pearl and teleport far away from the opponent to get some pots on your Hotbar. You just have a few seconds to get potions and then your friend may reach you and kill you


Come to NoDebuff (pot pvp) Hit PvP, you can play with friends, heal with pots and teleport with Ender Pearl

  • Sword – Armor
  • Healing potions around 30 (full inventory)
  • Ender Pearl
  • Food
  • Bottle of swiftness

This is NoDebuff arena, there is an invisible floor above lava, so you can walk on it

Note from Creator

  • Combo PvP and NoDebuff were only available on servers, but it’s now available on the map for the first time
  • Please leave credits in this format if possible: “MAP : Hit-PvP by MC Digger”
  • Special thanks to my brother HawkMentor ( PvP God!! ) for helping me in my map!!


Hit PvP what’s new?
– Added Sumo mode, but the arena get smaller
– Teleport to the hub by long click snowball at the right side of hotbar
– Added cook beef
– Bug fixed


Hit PvP

Download Hit PvP Map V.0.5

Parkour Map for Minecraft PE Maps

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