A Large Investment Map [Roller Coaster]

A large roller coaster with 50+ minutes long to explore – A Large Investment Map that has many things to keep you occupied and interested the whole way through!

Cre: Forestpupoozzle, Youtube

A Large Investment Map

Minecraft Shaders

This map ranges from random shapes and illusions. There you can see some bedrockified non-euclidean geometry. Alternatively you can drive deep into the depths of the ocean temples. Here is the map overview

A Large Investment Map was created in a long period of time, so it started out as a bordered old world and then expended to an infinite world. Everyone can easily recognized on the ocean floor. Also because of this point, the world will bring to you many fun. It can start chunky biomes to mess around, so it’s why this ride features one and a haft ocean temples.

The cool thing is that you never need to touch your keyboard if you let everything go as it should. Only standing a bit in the second half of the coaster to see the little floating platforms =))

This will definitely fun ride and keep you occupied for a great with its crazy turns, beautiful scenery, illusions, and little builds!

Minecraft Shaders

50+ minutes long to go around A Large Investment Map! Are you ready?

Note: Turn off sound of the game if you don’t like jump scares.

Do you like the shader used in these screenshots? Click on Hyra Shader to download the shader


– Added: 4 new sections (around 10-15 more minutes to the ride)


A Large Investment Map,Roller Coaster

or download here

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Minecraft Shaders

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[…] A Large Investment Map [Roller Coaster] […]


[…] A Large Investment Map […]


[…] A Large Investment Roller Coaster Map […]

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