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Let explore the city of Bikini Bottom, meet SpongeBob and all of his friends. SpongeBob Addon includes 13 mobs which turn into characters that look similar SpongeBob universe. SpongeBob SquarePants is an amination Tv show that has been broadcast for nearly two decades. This will be an addon worth a try for you

Cre: ArathNidoGamer, (Youtube, Twitter)


13 mobs into characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV show. Most of them are friendly toward players.

For the most interesting experience with SpongeBob Addon, you should combine with the Bikini Bottom map, this is one of the best choices for players. Bikini Bottom map is a fictional underwater city that exists in the SpongeBob universe

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: replace Pigs
  • Friendly

Squidward Tentacles

This is a bitter Octopus who neighbor of Patrick and SpongeBob.  Witches is replaced Squidward Tentacles

Sandy Cheeks

  • A squirrel scientist who is SpongeBob’s closest friends.
  • Sandy lives in an aquarium.
  • Sandy Cheeks : Replace Husks

Patrick Star

  • He is hilarious and famous for not knowing anything.
  • Patrick Star is the best friend of SpongeBob.
  • He is friendly toward players.
  • Replce Creepers

Mr Krabs

  • Mr. Krabs is especially known as greedy. (buy modafinil online coupon)
  • He is the owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant.
  • He is friendly to players.
  • Replace Skeletons

Larry the Lobster

  • Larry is a lifeguard at the Goo Lagoon beach.
  • He is neutral toward player
  • Replace Iron Golems

Mrs. Puff

  • She is a teacher at SpongeBob’s school.
  • Replace Stray


  • Gary is a snail and neutral toward player.
  • That is a pet of SpongeBob.
  • Replace Wolves

It’s more fun when you can tame these mobs. You need to feed it bones which are retextured to fish food


  • This is the owner of the Chum Bucket restaurant.
  • If Plankton is killed, he will drops dollar bills (Bricks).
  • He is hostile toward players.
  • Replace Zombies

Bikini Bottom Citizens

  • This is a random citizens of Bikini Bottom.
  • Replace Villagers


  • They live in Bikini Bottom where is in the underwater city.
  • Spawn some ghasts and pretend that they are Jellyfish in water.
  • Replace Jellyfish and they are hostile

The Flying Dutchman

This is the Green Ghost pirate (sometime appear in the TV show). Dutchman is hostile and replace the Wither Boss.


Hold a carrot on a stick in your hand, boat is controlled. Cows is replaced by Boat

  • iOS / Android: Press on the screen and press the Ride button
  • Windows 10: Right-click the boat to ride it

Download SpongeBob Addon

  1. SpongeBob Resources.McPack or here (Drive)
  2. SpongeBob Behaviors .McPack or here (Drive)
  3. SpongeBob .Zip

👉 If you like SpongeBob Addon, you can also check our Bikini Bottom map; Fortnite (Battle Royale) created by SkyGames Team; Battle Tanks created by YeskyTan in https://mcpeaddons.com

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[…] SpongeBob Addon […]


[…] SpongeBob Addon […]


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