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Based on the Ender Archer Friend Add-on, I created Elemental Friends Add-on adding many different mobs and features. The new mods included are the Air Girl, Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Ice Spider. 

Each mob has a unique set of skills and can be tamed and used as your loyal protector. 

Cre: Ayrtown_Karlos (Twitter)


  • Tame mobs by snowballs, coal or sweet berries 
  • Ice Girl, Flame Boy, Air Girl act as guards when tamed
  • Ice Spider can be used as a rideable when tamed
Elemental Friends Add-on
Elemental Friends Add-on
Elemental Friends Add-on


Elemental Friends Add-on ‘s Fearture

  • Fire Boy
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with an enchanted gold sword
    • Pet: Mini blaze
    • Tameable with coal
    • Feedable with coal
    • Immune to fire
    • Spawn in nether and desert
  • Ice Girl 
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with diamond sword
    • Pet: Ice Spider
    • Tamed: snowballs
    • Feeded: Snowballs
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Ice spider
    • 50-69 HP
    • Throws snowballs and uses melee attack
    • Tamed: snowballs
    • Rideable when tamed
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Mini Blaze
    • 50-69 HP
    • Throws small fireballs and use melee attack
  • Air Girl
    • 80/100 HP
    • Range attack with bow
    • Pet: Parrot white
    • Tamed: sweet berries
    • Feeded: cookie, sweet berries
    • Spawn in taiga biome
  • Parrot white
    • 20/40 HP
    • Range attack with mini shulker bullet

Download Elemental Friends Add-on


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